Name: Nich Van Dyke
    Classroom Number:Gym
    Email Address:vandyken@luhsd.net

    Dear families,

    PE amount of WEEKLY work example:  The 180 minutes of exercise is advised by the CDC (Center for Disease Control)

    STUDENTS with ONE PE Class

                                         Day 1                                     Day 2                                     Day 3                     TOTAL for week

    Minimum time                  45                                           45                                           45                           135 (in minutes)

    Maximum time                 60                                           60                                           60                           180 (in minutes)


    Each week, students are to check their teacher’s webpage for new assignments. Assignments will be posted by 9am Monday mornings and everything for the week will be due at 11:59pm on SUNDAY of that week.

    ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE POSTED TO THE RIGHT FOR BOTH CORE 9 PE (Freshmen PE), Strength and Fitness, and Advanced Athletics.

    We are asking students doing a combination of 3 parts of the workout Cardio (ie, running/walking/biking), general workout (7M) (push ups, situps, etc) and yoga/stretching to make up 45-60 mins a day, 3 times a week.  It does not have to be done all at one time in the day. 

    Order of completion
    The order in which you workout is fully up to you as an individual (it does not mean that you must do them all during the same time OR back-to-back-to-back.  
    Reporting at end of the week
    For reporting, we would like, 1, ONE email for the entire week, after all your workouts are completed.
    The email should include all screen shots or activity logs for activity completed..
    CLICK HERE for the PDF file, provides more guidance.   MAKE SURE TO PUT YOUR NAME AND CLASS PERIOD IN THE SUBJECT - the rest of the message/attachment should be in the body of the email.
    Use this time to stay fit, improve mental health and mood, continue to create good daily habits and have fun!
    How to turn in assignments:email the screen shots to my email vandyken@luhsd.net. Remember to use Period#Name Week# as the subject For example if I am turning something in and was in 2nd period PE it would read (Period 2 Van Dyke 4/6-4/10) in the subject line.
    Here is Clarification on total minutes required for weekly assignments Clarification on minutes
    Here is a sample of what a completed assignment should look like Example Assignment
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    For those students in any class with little to no technology click here Activity