• Welcome to the ABI Parent Portal!!
    Parent Portal allows parents to view their child's grades, attendance, and other information.
    To access the Parent Portal, please click here.
    What is the web address of the Portal?


    What if I cannot get to that website?
    Your security settings may or may not allow you to access this site. To ensure you can, please add this site to your trusted sites in the security settings of your computer.
    Can I change my password?
    The password that was generated is a random alpha-numeric code. To change your password, you will need to login successfully, and access the Password portion of the portal under Options.
    I did not receive an account. What do I do?
    Check to be sure that email from abi@luhsd.net will come through. If you know that is on your trusted email list, contact your child's school office (Grade Level Learning Community, Building, or SLC) to have your email added to the system. You may need to show identification if this was not done at walk-thru.