• Week Eight: May26th-June 1st THE FINAL WEEK!!!

    Please be aware that all work must be submitted by June 1 at 9:00am in order for grades to be completed on time. The weather is supposed to be hot early in the week, so you may want to adjust your workout days accordingly.

    Here is a FAQ for Physical Education Distance Learning.

    Please check back in to the Welcome Page on Wednesday for any updates that may occur. I'll post them as an Edit at the top, with a time and date. The PE department meeting is on Monday mornings, so if there are any adjustements that need to be made, they will get posted after that meeting. Also, be aware that when I send out a bulk email using Aeries, it may go into your junk/spam folder. Please check there on a regular basis to make sure you aren't missing anything important. Grades for the first week will be entered in the next couple of days, so check Aeries to make sure you received credit for something you emailed in. We are going to be lenient this first week, so if you didn't get everything done it won't count against you. By week 2, we expect everyone to understand what the assignment is and how to complete it for full points.

    We have a few changes and clarification as we enter week two. First, we are going to extend the due date for the week until Sunday night. We are also going to add some additional resources for indoor activities as an alternative to doing the cardio training on the Map My apps. Those links are posted below. Any of the apps below can be used to get to the total minutes needed per day. If you are sheltering in place and do not plan on leaving the house, then check out some of the new indoor possibilities. If you are exercising outside, please follow the guidelines for social distancing posted on the Contra Costa Health Services website: CCHealth FAQ

    Map My Walk  Map My Walk App   
    Map My Run  Map My Run App
    Map My Ride  Map My Ride App
    7M Workout  7M Workout App
    Yoga for Beginners | Mind + Body Apple Store Link  Yoga for Beginners Apple Store App
    Yoga for Beginners | Mind + Body Google Play Store Link  Yoga for Beginners Google Play App

    Sworkit App
    Darebee Workouts
    FitnessBlender on Youtube

    If you do not have access to these apps to record your exercises, please print out a copy of the Activity Log from the link below and record your results. This packet can also be picked up at the school.


    *** Please note, if using an Activity Log, we would prefer it be delivered electronically if at all possible. If not, then it must be turned in to the Heritage High School Main Admin Office on Monday between the hours of 12pm-3pm. If you cannot make it between those times, please call the Main Office to schedule an appointment to drop them off. ***

    All classes will complete 45-60 minutes of physical activity per day for a total of at least 3 days per week (135 minutes total for the week). Each day students will complete at least one session on stretching (yoga for example), one workout focusing on strength training (7 Minute Workout for example), and one workout for cardio training (Map My apps for example).  Once any of the workouts have been completed, students are to take a screenshot of their exercise.  It MUST show the time, date and length of your physical activity.

    ***Students who have multiple PE classes***
    You are required to do workouts for both classes, however we are going to modify the total number of minutes and days. If you have two PE classes, you will do 30 minutes of activity per day for all 5 days of the week. When you email your results, please include both PE teachers in the same email.

    At the end of the week, after all exercises have been completed
    , create a new email and attach all of the screen shots from the entire week of workouts. Do not send an email after just one day of workouts. Please make sure the dates are shown in the screen shots. Some of the apps have the ability to show a summary of the week. Feel free to screen shot that as it consolidates all the information into one place. In the subject line, please include your name, your period, and the assignment week. Here is an example of an email with screenshots.

    Send email to peralesc@luhsd.net

    Subject Line Examples:

    Your Name, Per 1, PE 9, Week 2

    If you do not have access to the apps and downloaded an Activity Log instead, you can either take a picture of the log and email it in as shown above, or turn it in directly to the school office.


    Anyone with a doctor's note that needs to modify their activity, please email me to set up an alternative assignment if needed: peralesc@luhsd.net