• WEEK ONE: April 6th-10th

    Welcome back virtually! Things will be a little different in the world of Physical Education and Physical Education electives. Each week you will check your teacher’s webpage for the new assignments. Assignments will be posted on Monday and everything for the week will be due on Friday.

    To be successful in this virtual class you will need to download at least ONE OF THE following MAP MY cardio apps AND BOTH the 7M workout and Yoga apps on your phone:  Go to the app store and search the names below and MATCH the picture below to be sure you are getting the correct FREE app. Students may use their Apple Watch as an exercise option.

    You must download at least one of the Map My apps below:

    Map My Walk  Map My Walk App   

    Map My Run  Map My Run App

    Map My Ride  Map My Ride App

    You must also download both apps below:

    7M Workout  7M Workout App

    Yoga for Beginners | Mind + Body Apple Store Link  Yoga for Beginners Apple Store App

    Yoga for Beginners | Mind + Body Google Play Store Link  Yoga for Beginners Google Play App

     If you do not have access to these apps to record your exercises, please print out a copy of the Activity Log from the link below and record your results. This packet can also be picked up at the school.

    Activity Log


    All classes will complete 45-60 minutes of physical activity for a minimum of 3 days per week.  Each day students will complete one workout from the 7M Workout app, one session from the Yoga For Beginners app, and then complete the rest of the remaining time on the Map My Walk/Run/Ride app of their choice. Once any of the workouts have been completed, students are to take a screenshot of their exercise.  It MUST show the time, date and length of your physical activity.


    Create a new email and attach all of the screen shots from the entire week of workouts. Do not send an email after just one day of workouts. In the subject line, please use the following format: PERIOD_CLASS_WEEK.

    Send email to peralesc@luhsd.net

    Subject Line Examples:

    Per 1, PE 9, Week 1 or Per 7, Basketball Tactics, Week 1

    If you do not have access to the apps and downloaded an Activity Log instead, you can either take a picture of the log and email it in as shown above, or turn it in directly to the school office.


    Anyone with a doctor's note that needs to modify their activity, please email me to set up an alternative assignment if needed: peralesc@luhsd.net