• Name: Jacquelyn Klinger

    Classroom Number: P106

    Email Address: klingerj@luhsd.net

    Subjects: English 1 & English 3

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    Distance Learning Info (Due to COVID 19) 

    Students with little to no internet access!

    Students with access to the internet!

    • Freshmen: Visit this page for weekly agenda/assignments English 1
    • Juniors: Visit this page for weekly agenda/assignments English 3
    Welcome to English!
    English 1 & 3 are critical courses in developing students' reading, writing, comprehension, and communication skills! Ms. Klinger is dedicated to creating an engaging, yet rigorous, environment in which each student is able to thrive and develop his/her own unique voice. 
    This teacher website is intended to provide supplemental resources and support to students and parents outside of the classroom and at home. Use this page as a tool to accomplish coursework and practice. Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

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