Welcome to my website!

    English 12 students: You will find your weekly assignments on the "English 12 Assignments" page of my website on the right-hand side of this Welcome Page along with any downloaded handouts or links to websites or videos. 
    It is imperative that you complete your assignments as I will update the grade book each weekend.
    1. Due dates for assignments are "hard" dates!  Late work will be worth no more than half credit.
    2. You will be submitting your completed work through Canvas and Turn It In.
    3. If you cannot submit your completed work through these platforms, you may e-mail your work to me.
    4. If you have any questions, please reach out to me through e-mail.

     Distance Learning: Zoom Rules

      1.  You must attend "class" through Zoom each week during your assigned class period.

      2.  Once you log-in (Please type in your first and last name.) and join the Zoom meeting, you must have the video on for the entire session.  

      If I cannot see your full name and face for the entire session, I will assume you are "absent" from class and will mark you as "absent when Attendance is taken.

      3. You must mute your microphone if you are not speaking during the session and the teacher is speaking.