Name: Mr. Madrigal
    Classroom Number: B-102
    Email Address: madrigal@luhsd.net
    Subject(s): Spanish 1, 4 and Spanish for Spanish Speakers
    Assignments will be posted every Monday by 9:00 a.m. and they are due on Friday by 3:00 p.m. If neccesary, I will host a zoom meeting if anybody needs some type of clarification that can not be solved via e-mail. I will also let you know when I am going to be on quizlet live just in case you want to join and review vocabulary and grammar concepts. 
    español 1
    Here is Chapter 6a vocabulary for you guys to learn (meaning and spelling)
    I am attaching the workbook pages from core practice but I ONLY need you to do the ones I assign. 
    For the week I want you to do work book pages 6A-1 and 6A-2 core practice ONLY.
    You can print it our and write your answers on it, use your workbook pages that you have at home or write the answers on a separate sheet of paper and send your answers to my e-mail madrigal@luhsd.net 
    Please only send 1 e-mail with your answers. I don't want multiple e-mails. Attach all attachments to one e-mail.
    Use this link to help you review your vocabulary Ch. 6A quizlet
    español 4
    Lee el articulo Esas modas que vienen y haz las actividades de escritura que las encontrarás aquí Actividades de escritura
    Por favor manda tus respuestas a mi correo electrónico madrigal@luhsd.net en un solo correo. Gracias y si tienes preguntas mandame un correo electronico o en remind. 
    español para hispanohablantes
    Para esta semana ustedes necesitan leer el prólogo del libro "La travesía de Enrique" y hacer las actividades. Les mandé por remind el prólogo.
    Hagan esta actividad Para Empezar
    Me mandan su respuestas por correo electronico por favor...pongan todas las paginas en un correo solamente a madrigal@luhsd.net