Welcome to geometry or algebra I!


    If you are looking for information on upcoming assignments including due dates, printable materials, or practice tests, please look at the online gradebook. Assignments will have small icons on the right linked to the materials.

    My values as a teacher are:

    Mutual respect – We respect each other, our class, our time, and the room.

    Meaningful effort – We put our best effort into work and activities that are purposeful.

    Accurate assessments – Our tests and other assessments reflect our success in understanding.



    Be in seat when bell rings with book and materials at hand.

    Have assigned work done before class starts.

    Cell phones/tablets/etc. must be put away* (school cell phone policy will be enforced).

    No eating, drinking (water only), or gum in class.

    No talking or other distracting behavior during lesson.

    Talk on-topic during group/partner work.

    Prepare yourself for assessments.

    Communicate any issues immediately.



    Required materials:

    binder or binder section for math (keep all work)
    graph paper
    binder paper
    pencils ready to write with erasers
    for algebra I:
    scientific calculator*
    for geometry:
    scientific calculator*
    ruler with metric measure
    compass (not the kind that points north)
    *cell phones as calulators:
    I encourage students to use their cell phones alongside their calculators in class, as we often have our cell phones but not our calculators. Only calculators are allowed for tests, so it is important to have one and know how to use it.


    Grading: Assessments: 80%, homework/classwork: 20% of quarter grades

    Final exams make up 20% of the semester grade.



    Absent work must be completed before taking the test. You may ask a classmate for help or come by the room after school for my help. Missing tests and absent work will count as 0 scores until made up.


    Test retakes will only occur after you turn in any missing homework and the extra practice work as assigned to you by me. When you do the work, come in for help, and re-take the test, you will be guaranteed a score of at least 50%. You will receive the higher of your two scores.



    You score 45% on test 3, do the work I assign and score 78% on the retest. You get 78%.

    You score 30% on test 4, do the assigned work and again score 30% on the retest. You get 50%.

    You score 75% on test 5, do the work and score 67% on the retest. You keep your 75%.

    You score 25% on test 6 and don't do the work so you don't take the retest. You get 25%

    You don't take the test. You get 0% until all work is done.

    You score 98% on the test and want a retest to get 100%. Don't be a jerk (unless the 2 points will raise your final grade).

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