• FOR FRONT-DESK STAFF: Click to download this week's packets for Algebra 1 and Geometry.


    To all of my students,

    I am sad that I will not be able to be in the same room with you for the coming weeks. I pray you and your families are well.

    Because of the extreme situation in which we find ourselves, there are a few things that must change. These are department-wide decisions which we feel will work for the best possible outcomes.

    1. I will not be able to accept late work. Work packets will be assigned online Monday mornings and should be submitted before the following Monday. Plan ahead as help will only be available during the week.
    2. We will be repeating material to allow classes to catch up. After 3 weeks off many of us can use a review anyway.
    3. Work will be assigned primarily on Clever/Big Ideas. If you are unable to do the work online you will need to do the same problems from the book and submit them by photo attached to email (weinertt@luhsd.net). If you turn in papers please be aware that they may not be entered for several days as a precaution.

    How you can prepare for the start of "distance learning" on Monday:

    1. Find your math book.
    2. Download the Zoom app which will be used to connect with me for help. Try setting up a meeting for friends and have them set one up for you to join. 
    3. Connect with fellow students to form virtual study groups.
    4. Check in on this page daily to see what is new.

    In addition to details that have yet to be finalized, I expect that there will be changes made as we go along. If you are adaptable and understanding and willing to put in the effort, this will go well.

    I am looking forward to this challenge and to teaching again!


    Mr. Weinert


    For the week of 4/6-4/10

    Assignments will be on Clever/Big Ideas and will be available Monday morning at 9:00 and due by the following Monday at 9:00am, but remember that help is only available on the weekdays. Note that the first assignment is due Wednesday! (It's just one easy problem to show that you can connect.)

    I will be holding optional Zoom math help meetings for each period on Tuesday and Wednesday, plus "drop-in" Zoom times on 10:30 Thursday and 1:00 Friday. (Click to join, link will be active immediately before meeting.If you are unable to join the meeting for any reason and need to connect, please email me your contact phone number and I will call after the meeting. The meetings will start on time and continue until the students are satisfied.

    Click for instructions on accessing Clever/Big Ideas.


    Algebra 1

    Click here for the printable packet including notes. Print what is useful for you.

    7th period algebra 1 Zoom meeting at 12:30 on Wednesday. (Click to join, link will be active immediately before meeting.)



    Click here for the printable packet including notes. Print what is useful for you.

    2nd period Zoom meeting at 10:30 on Tuesday. (Click to join, link will be active immediately before meeting.)

    3rd period Zoom meeting at 12:30 on Tuesday.

    4th period Zoom meeting at 2:00 on Tuesday.

    5th period Zoom meeting at 9:00 on Wednesday.

    8th period Zoom meeting at 2:00 on Wednesday.