• Welcome to all my 2021-2022 students!

    Mr. Weinert (weinertt@luhsd.net)

    I am looking forward to being in the room with all my students again.

    1° Algebra 1  

    2° Algebra 1 

    3° PREP out of room

    4° Geometry 


    5° Geometry

    6° Geometry 

    7° Algebra 1

    8° PREP in room


    Helpful Supplies

    We have all of the supplies necessary in the class, but students may prefer to have their own.

    I suggest:

    • Graph paper
    • A scientific (with SIN, COS, TAN buttons) calculator. Optionally students may obtain a graphing calculator (with the big screen) which will be useful in math beyond algebra II. I find that the scientific calculators at Dollar Tree are acceptable for our classes.
    • Pencils and erasers
    • A few colored pencils are useful.

    And for geometry I suggest adding:

    • A nice compass (the kind that draws circles, not the kind that points north) Don't buy the floppy stamped-metal or plastic kind. We have better ones here.
    • A protractor for measuring anges.
    • A ruler

    None of this will be necessary the first day.