•  We are so very sorry.

    Due to the Shelter-In-Place, 
    the Grad Night Committee regretfully is canceling this year's event.  

    We tried outsourcing and finding different locations.  However, we don't know for a fact how long the SIP will continue.  We also do not know how soon our community will be able to gather in large groups.  This prevents us from being able to plan and create an event that allows the entire class to participate.


    Always remember that the party is secondary to the purpose. 
    Grad Night is not just a party to celebrate the senior class.  It is a SAFE & SOBER Event designed to protect the most important and valuable asset we have - Life! 

    To lose any life to drinking, drugs, and driving after navigating COVID-19 would be a damn shame.

    As parents and a community, it is our duty to be intentional and attentive as to how this year's graduates will celebrate on June 4.  Small gatherings may be possible.  Family parties and weekend celebrations may be in even more abundance. 

    If your graduate is invited to a party or says they're going to a friend's house:

    Ask Questions
    Call or Text the Hosting Family

    There is no reason to be victims of fate when we can be victors of good decisions.

    Below is the link to submit your Refund/Donation Form.  Please have only one submission per family. This is the first time we are doing something like this, therefore we ask for your patience as we process your request.  If you paid by credit card, we will refund the credit card.  If you paid by check or cash, you will receive a check that will be mailed to one address.  

    Should you wish to donate your registration fee to the Heritage High School Grad Night, that would be amazing and within the form, you'll be able to read how we are going to pay tribute to the Class of 2020 forevermore.


    2020 Grad Night Refund / Donation Form

    The Class of 2020 will be 
    The Class Most Likely To Build A New World!





    📱 💻 📞
    Enter:  81010 and Text: @hhsgradn

    Heritage High School Grad Night Committee


    This event is put on entirely by parents, volunteers, and local contributors.


    Heritage High School Safe and Sober Grad Night

    For the past 10 years, a group of dedicated parent volunteers at HHS organize an all-night celebration for the graduating seniors.  Our continued goal is to provide a fun, exciting, yet safe and sober celebration event for the graduating class to celebrate their accomplishments as well as provide them with an unforgettable and fond farewell!