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     New Work Permit Application: Download this file
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     Step 1. Print Application
    Step 2.  Complete Minor Information
    Step 3. Get Parent or Guardian Signature 
    Step 4.  Employeer Information
    Step 5. EMAIL a scanned copy of the completed application to gatesp@luhsd.net
    Once approved and processed.  You will receive an emailed copy of the work permit.  (Allow 48 hrs)

    Liberty Union High School District
    Administrative Regulation 5113.2 (excerpt)
    Administrative Regulation 5113.2 is excerpted below regarding approval / revocation of work permits. The entire regulation is available at the District Office.
    1. No work permit shall be issued until the student’s parent/guardian, foster parent or residential shelter services provider has filed a written request with the district. (Education Code 49110)
    2. To help in determining the extent to which outside employment may be approved, the Superintendent’s designee may inspect the student’s records for evidence of satisfactory grades and school attendance, and may confer with at least one of the student’s teachers to determine whether the student appears to have time, stamina, motivation and maturity to maintain academic process while working.
    (cf.5121 - Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement)
    3. After issuing a work permit, the Superintendent or designee shall periodically inspect the student’s scholastic and attendance records to ensure maintenance of academic process.
    1. Work Permits issued during the school year shall expire 5 days after the opening of the next succeeding school year. (Education code 49118)
    2. The Superintendent or designee shall revoke a student’s work permit whenever he/she determines that employment is impairing the student’s health or education, that any provision or condition of the permit is being violated, or that the student is performing work in violation of Law. (Education Code 49164)