• Eureka!!



    EUREKA, is a comprehensive career information system to assist you with your educational and career exploration needs. Heritage HS students can use it either on computers in our College & Career Center or online at http://www.eureka.org/   Site ID Code: X7HR2CM.

    EUREKA can assist you with…

    • Connecting academic subjects to career options
    • Exploring careers and career paths with specific majors
    • Deciding on a college major and identifying graduate schools
    • Free self assessments
    • Researching scholarships & awards
    • Writing resumes
    • Developing a job search strategy
    • Researching various careers, occupations, and industries
    • Salary information specific to six labor market regions in California
    • and much more…


    EUREKA is divided into three sections to assist you:

    True Colors Occupational Descriptions Programs of Study
    True Colors is a personality-based self-assessment. After using True Colors, you will become shades of blue, green, orange and gold. EUREKA's database of occupational descriptions gives you detailed information on hundreds of careers and jobs all over the country. Program of Study offer detailed descriptions of programs of study, including certificates, and majors offered at colleges and universities worldwide.
    MicroSkills Occ-U-Sort Financial Aid Guide
    MicroSkills can assist you in finding the unique talents or skills that you possess, and help you to visualize how those skills or talents can be used in a career or occupation.

    Occ-U-Sort is a self-assessment strategy tool that allows you to determine what labor market tasks you would like to have in a career. Note: being too specific might lead to zero results.

    Tips for finding and applying for scholarships and financial aid awards.