• Some Ideas for Volunteering: 

      Please use the hours form template (same as the one from last year) to record your 10 hours.  

     1.Volunteering with Operation Helping Hand: Operation Helping Hand is a non-profit organization run by local high school and college students who aim to give back to East Bay Communities through various efforts such as food drives, phonebanking, voter canvassing, etc. If interested in helping please contact one of the numbers below:

     Contact information: 209-597-9965 or 209-407-7766

    2. Tutoring: 1 hour of tutoring shall account for 1 hour of service

     Having trouble finding a place to tutor virtually? We have listed a place you may volunteer at below: 

     Contact information: The Learning Community Project: 925-354-5902

    3. Shepherd's Gate Donation Drive:

       The organization has requested for school supplies to help with their after school program. They were accepting canned food, non-perishable food, and school supplies.

    List of supplies requested (3 items=1 hour):


     For more information please contact Shepherd's gate at:  jgandara@shepherdsgate.org

    4. Making Cards: Create fun and creative cards for children in hospital battling illness via the Cards for Hospitalized Kids organization. For more information of how to send the cards, etc. please contact them through the link below: (3 cards= 1 hour of service)



    5. The Learning Community Project: Volunteer tutors needed for math and english

    Other upcoming activities:


    College Q&A Webinar with former Heritage Alumnis



    Volunteer at the Garden of d’Lights display:


    In order to participate please sign up below. Please do not sign up for the garden guides position as that is for trained docents only. All students must put their name, email address and NHS Heritage High in the notes so the organization knows to send you a waiver


    For more info about the event please visit the link below: 


    7. Link Crew Freshman Study Session- 

    On 12/14 from 2:00 to 3:00, Link Crew is looking for two people for each subject (Spanish, Living Earth, English, and Algebra 1) to aid and support freshman in their studies for finals. Please email Mrs. Banchieri and RSVP with her to ensure you get a spot.


    8. Hosa Service Opportunity

    From January 28th-30th, HOSA is hosing a meidcla supply donation drive. They will be collecting medical supplies for public hospitals. 2 sealed donations = 1 hour of service. 

    Some of the things they are looking for are as follows-

    Face Sheilds, Surgicial Face Masks (discluding cloth or handmade masks), N95 Masks, Gloves, safety glasses, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes.

    If you have questions please email hhscalhosa@gmail.com or DM HOSA on instagram @heritagehosa


    9. The Power of Music 

    The Power of Music is an organization that provides free, virtual music lessons to kids from ages 6-18. We are currently in the need of more instructors, who will be teaching at least one student for an hour weekly.

    Check out the website for more information and to sign up as an instructor at www.thepowerofmusic.net

    If you have any questions, email us at thepowerofmusic12345@gmail.com and they will try and reach you within 24 hours

    1 hour of teaching = 1 service hour


    Volunteer Opportunity

    Are you a student interested in sustainability, climate change, or the environment? Do you wish you could have a bigger impact on the pressing issues the world faces today? Would you like to reduce your community’s household carbon emissions or raise awareness for climate-related careers?  Then join Sustainable Leaders In Action (SLIA) on Monday, March 22 at 7:00 PM PST for a fun, interactive skill-building recruitment event! Come meet the team, see the work we do and get a feel for what SLIA is all about. This event is open to both high school and college students. Sign up here! (https://linktr.ee/slia)