CIF pushes back start of seasons to 2021

The California Interscholastic Federation announced this week what many had been anticipating already, that without updated guidance from the California Department of Public Health it was necessary to move the start of seasons back to January 1, 2021, at the earliest.

Schools may continue working out at the discretion of their local school districts, but no teams may start official practices or games at this time.  The original start date for the first season of sport had been set for December 7, 2020, but without updated guidance at this time, starting official team sports would have been in violation of the existing order from the CDPH.

The other big change at this time is the move of boys volleyball back to the spring, or Season Two.  The sport had been moved into the first season of sport, in order to ease congestion of the gym facility during the second season, but a larger priority is trying to regain seasons for a sport which lost its season last spring.

Click here to read the full press release from the CIF.