• The Liberty Union High School District has moved to an On-line Athletic Registration website called CIF Home Campus that uses Athletic Clearance.com 
    What you will need:
    • Student's ID #
    • Health insurance info, Policy name/number (see below if you need to purchase)
    • Physical (After June 1, 2019)

    What do you need to turn in to SLC B?

    • Only Your Physical form completed, with your name at the top & signed & dated by the Dr, needs to be turned in to SLC B. All other forms are signed on line.

    What if I played a sport already this school year?

    • You do not need to register again. Go to the Athletic Director's Office and pick up your emergency card and blue form and turn it in to your coach!  

    STEP 1 - Registration:

    Athlete/Parents, please visit Athletic Clearance.com
    Follow the steps to Register for an account, then sign in and Register your student-athlete.
    Fall Sport Athletes can begin registering on June 1
    Winter Sport Athletes can begin registering on September 1
    Spring Sport Athletes can begin registering on December 1. 
    STEP 2 - Physical:
    Examinations for the 2019-2020 School Year must be done after June 1, 2019 to qualify.  A physical examination dated prior to June 1, 2019 will not be accepted for the 2019-2020 School Year.  When completing physical examinations for athletics, please print the downloadable forms from the Registration website, bottom of pg 1, and take it with you to the exam.  Please complete the questionnaire and have a medical professional sign and stamp after performing the physical. Return the completed physical page to SLC B a minimum of one week prior to the first tryout date. VERY IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR NAME AND STUDENT ID# AT THE TOP OF THE FORM.
    An additional Physical form is available here
    STEP 3 - Guidelines:
    Download and read the Parent Student Athletic Guidelines Topics include eligibility, behavioral expectations, and conflict resolution procedures.  Parents/guardians, athletes, and coaches are expected to adhere to these policies.

    All athletes must have health insurance to participate in tryouts and/or competition.  If health insurance is needed, an inexpensive policy can be purchased online at: www.peinsurance.com/signup