• AP Chemistry: Distance Learning Plan Overview

    My goal is still to prepare all of you for the AP chemistry exam on May 14th. To do this, we need to finish unit 10 (which is unit 3 from the college board), then review. Since we have limited time, we will not have a test on unit 9 or 10. Instead, your AP exam will count as your final for this class. If you aren’t taking the AP exam, I will be making a substitute exam that is similar in length and style to the 45-minute exam everyone else is taking. You will take that instead.

    Here is the overview of our weekly assignment plan:

    • Week 1, 4/6: Finish Unit 9, work on review assignment
    • Week 2, 4/13: Start Unit 10(3), sections 3.1-3.3, work on review assignment
    • Week 3, 4/20: Work on unit 10(3), sections 3.4-3.6, work on review assignment
    • Week 4, 4/27: Complete unit 10(3), sections 3.7-3.10, work on review assignment
    • Week 5, 5/4: Take online practice exam, complete review assignment
    • Week 6, 5/11: Take AP exam (or substitue final exam, if you aren’t taking the AP exam)

    If possible, I highly recommend getting ahead on your work and completing unit 10(3) early. This gives you more time to review & practice. I will post the assignments for unit 3 as quickly as possible! My goal is to have all the unit 10(3) assignments posted by the end of the first week.

    Scroll Down for Assignments! 

    Click on the assignment(s) listed under "Current Assignments" below to see the detailed instructions. Remember the assignments are due by Monday mornings at 9 am. New assignments for the next week are posted by 9 am on Monday mornings. 

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Current Assignments

Past Due Assignments

  • Extra Help

    If you have questions or need help, you can...

    1. Text me through remind. If you haven't signed up, you can sign up by texting "@richchem1" to the number 81010
    2. Email me your questions. My email address is richardsonj@luhsd.net. Remember to put your name in your email! 
    3. Come to my zoom office hours. Details below. 

    Weekly Zoom Office Hours

    Zoom is an online video confrencing platform that will allow you to ask me questions and get answers live. You don't need a zoom account, but you will need to download the zoom app on your phone or computer. Information on how to use zoom is avaiable here

    1. We will have weekly office hours every Wednesday from 12 - 1 pm. You can also request office hours by appointment if you have questions. 
    2. The meeting ID & password (or meeting link) were sent out in an email & remind to all parents and students. If you need the ID/password/link again, please email me or text me through remind. 


    From Zoom Meeting 4/22: Annotated Review Sheet