AP Chemistry Summer Homework

  • Welcome to AP Chemistry! If you are planning on taking AP Chemistry next year, here is some is some information you may need:

    AP Chem Info: College Board

    AP Chemistry Summer Homework Packet (same info and links as this page, but all in one place!) 

    Summer Homework Instructions (<- link): This basically has the same information as this page + a bit of extra!

    AP Chemistry Summer Review (<- link): Use these slides to review your chemistry knowledge before next school year!

    Summer Review Practice Quiz (<- link): This is due the 2nd day of class and tests your knowledge of the summer material. Do the review slides (above) before doing this!

    Things to Memorize:

    Beginning of the Year Quizzes:

    Sometime in the first few weeks of school we will the following three quizzes:

    1. Summer Review Quiz: covers everything from the review slides, as well as metric prefixes you must know!
    2. Lab equipment quiz: memorize the names of the lab equipment and know the difference between volumetric/graduated!
    3. Ion quiz: know the names and formulas of everything on the FRONT (first page) of the ion sheet!
      Know them from Name -> symbol + charge AND symbol + charge -> Name


    Email Mrs. Richardson at richardsonj@luhsd.net or Mrs. Sanders at sandersm@luhsd.net