• Hello educator and thank you for helping with my classes today, October 2.

    All Zoom meetings should occur on the laptop computer. The desk computer does not have a camera or mic.

    Also if you are unable to access any of the links or information, this document is on my Heritage teacher webpage (James, Randy) under 10/2 Zoom on the right hand side. 

    There are 3 periods today:

    1st PE 9 (8:30 - 9:30), 2nd PE 9 (9:50-10:50), 3rd (11:10 - 12:10)

    STUDENTS will have access to the day’s agenda, videos, and the exit quiz from their CANVAS accounts if there is an issue with Zoom.

    AGENDA (same for each class)


    Video #1 You Tube Walk a Mile

    Video #2 Calming Yoga

    Exit Ticket 10/2



    I mark off the students as I admit them to Zoom, then call the names of those still absent just in case I missed one.  Additionally, I look at the participation list during the class as I will occasionally hear a person leaving (swoosh type sound).

    Students that arrive late, please mark.  They should be introduced with a doorbell like sound in Zoom (audible to you only)


    There are two video workouts for the students to perform, hyperlinks are below.  The zoom information will be provided by the school staff.

    Share the screen in Zoom, bottom of Zoom screen.  Then at the top of the page, select the button for Advanced 

    Select Portion of Screen (top of page) and Share computer sound and Optimize screen sharing for video clip (Bottom of Zoom page - on the left). 

    Then select share (botom right of the page).  At this point the Zoom will show the page you are on and creates a GREEN outline (this is what the students are able to see on your page).  Move the margin for the left side to about 1/3 of the screen.

    At the top of the page there will be a Zoom Bar indicating "You are screen sharing" and a Stop Share.  To access more of the Zoom Bar roll the cursor over the bar and several other options will appear. 

    Select the the . . . "More" and Select Show Video Panel.  A panel will appear, then click on the panel (holding down the right mouse button) and move the video panel to the left side of the page, outside of the the green rectangle. (this will allow observation of students during the activity.) 

    Select the the . . . "More" and Select CHAT.  A panel will appear, then click on the box (holding down the right mouse button) and move the CHAT box to the left side of the page. This will allow any students to chat if there are issues or for you to chat with individuals or the entire class during the video.

    Start the video, Workout 1, 2 mile walk, 33 minutes

    when done with Workout 1, un share on Zoom.

    Start video #2, Workout 2, Calming Yoga, 16 minutes

    Restart Share on Zoom, all previous changes will still be in the Zoom screen.


    At the conclusion of the class, after Workout 2, or with 2 minutes left in the class ask the students to complete the EXIT TICKET in CANVAS.  Remind students that they will have only 10 minutes to complete, or the exit ticket will time out and they will not receive credit.  You can end meeting on Zoom after this announcement.

    Please note any students that are:

    • acting inappropriate in Zoom
    • tardy students after 5 min.
    • absent students.


    Thank you


    Mr. James