• Choir Showcases


    Fall Showcase 2019 Line Up:

    1. Another Day of Sun - Chamber Choir

    2. A Change In Me - Annalise Miesen

    3. The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Naturals

    4. Gimme Gimme - Melina Rodriguez

    5. Someone To Watch Over Me - Faith Metcalf, Annabelle Barclay, Vince Pena

    6. God Help the Outcasts - Bella Guaragna

    7. Falling Slowly - Annabelle Barclay & Matthew Hockel (Guitar: Alex Vizcay)

    8. She's So Gone - Jordyn Rios

    9. Lifeboat - Cassie Crossley

    10. Bellas Finals - Treblemakers



    11. Sister Act Medley - A Cappella Choir

    12. Speechless - Sienna Johnson

    13. Zero to Hero - Danielle Cardoza, Mia Reed, Chay Abanid, Vanessa Sequiera, Ashleigh Kennealy

    14. Everything I Know - Gabby Alers

    15. I See the Light - Chay Abanid & Vince Pena

    16. The Wizard and I - Lauren Wieland

    17. I Know the Truth - Ashleigh Kennealy

    18. Love Will Come and Find Me Again - Ashley Mae Co

    19. On My Own - Sydney Strong

    20. Let Me Be Your Star - Ashley Mae Co & Ashleigh Kennealy

    21. You Can't Stop the Beat - Women's & Men's Choruses



    Thank you to all who auditioned!!!  There was an amazing turn out of excellent singing.  I can't fit everyone so cuts have to be made.  Please remember that even if you didn't make it, you made progress on your own personal journey by auditioning.  Please try again next time!

                                                                    - Mrs. Shanker



    Here you will find information about the Fall and Spring Choir Showcases including: 

    Q:  What is the theme?
    A:  Musicals
    Q:  What does the theme mean?
    A:   Music from any Broadway muscal, off-Broadway musical, and tv or movie musicals too!
    Q:  When are auditions?
    A:  September 3-6 after school. (Tues-Fri)
    Q:  What do I need at my audition?
    A:  You should bring whatever you need for a finished product performance.  That could mean instrumental accompaniment, backing track, props, etc.  If you plan to use a backing track (karaoke style), you should bring the track as an mp3 on a flash drive.  Looking the song up on youtube is not very professional.  You should also write a paragraph explaining why your song choice fits the theme.  You can include interesting facts about the original artist or set up your performance to the audience.  The Choir Council will use this paragraph to help them write the script.
    Q:  How do I sign up for an audition?
    A:  Go to Sign Up Genius Website to book your audition time slot.
    Q:  Will Mrs. Shanker help me?
    A:  Mrs. Shanker is happy to help ensembles find sheet music and arrangements.  She can announce to other classes that you are looking for singers or instrumentalists for your song of choice.  She can also help you understand how to find, purchase, or make backing tracks.  
    Q:  How early should I start practicing for my audition?
    A:  Start a month early.  Regular rehearsals will get the song memorized and allow time for interpretation, staging, harmony, choreography, etc.
    Q:  How long does it take to form a group to perform a big number and rehearse it?  
    A:  Give yourself a month to rehearse.  That means form a group and bounce around ideas for a week or two before that.  Remember that purchasing sheet music does take time too!
    Q:  What do I wear to perform my song at the Showcase? 
    A:  Wear something in the character of your song or original artist.  Keep it dress code appropriate.  Groups can color coordinate to look more cohesively together.  You don't need to buy a new outfit.  Ask friends if they have what you are looking for and borrow it.
    Q:  What do I wear to perform with the Choirs at the Showcase?
    A:  The choirs will choose a color scheme or overall costume and you should blend with that theme.  If you are also an auditioned performer and the line up of songs prevents you from changing clothes in time, you can wear your auditioned performance outfit.
    Q:  Who is in charge of the decorations, stage management, tech, script, and line up of the Showcase? 
    A:  The Council plans & runs the show.  Mrs. Shanker makes sure the performances are ready and everyone knows where to go.
    Q:  When is the Dress Rehearsal?
    A:  Wednesday, Spet 11th 3-7PM
    Q:  When is the Showcase?
    A:  Thursday, Sept 12th at 7PM
    Q:  Who has to be a the Dress Rehearsal?
    A:  Only Auditioned performers need to be at the Dress Rehearsal.  The Choir songs will be rehearsed in class only.
    Q:  What is the Call Time for auditioned performers?
    A:  Auditioned performers should be on campus at 6PM finalizing hair, make-up, and clothes.  We will be in the Drama Room. (aka Green Room)
    Q:  What is the Call Time for the Choirs?
    A:  Choir singers should be on campus at 6:30PM dressed and ready to sing.  Each choir is performing a song in the show.  Singers will wear their own clothes in a color or theme to match the song they perform.  Details will be announced in class.