• Choir Letterman Points 

    What are Letterman Points & Stars?
             "Letters" are the embroidered 'H' patch that goes on a letterman jacket.  Our letter has "Choir" embroidered on it.  You can earn Letters from many programs at Heritage including sports, band, and drama.  The "Stars" are what you earn after the Letter as you continue to earn points.  
    What do I do with them?
             You can buy a letterman jacket and have your letter sewn on it.  Then the stars can either go on top of the letter, or around it (like the Paramount logo).  Some students choose to not buy the letterman jacket, and instead sew it on to a cardigan in school colors, or frame it in a shadow box with other memorabilia.
    How many points does it take? 
             Once you have accumulated 120 points, you have earned your Letter!!!  After earning your letter, you can keep accumulating points and earn a Star every 60 points more.
    How do I earn points? 
             Choir Letter Points are earned through various vocal music activities and services to the choir program throughout the year.  Below is a list of ways to earn points and how many points you can earn for that activity.  Sometimes students earn a percentage of the points listed because they did a percentage of the hours/work expected for the listed activity.  For example, if you take voice lessons once a week for only half the year, you will only earn half the 10 points listed below.
    How do I get my points recorded?
             When you have completed an activity to earn points, you will fill out a form in the choir room and turn it in to a designated Letterman Points drop box.  Mrs. Shanker will approve your request and pass it to the Vice President of the Choir Council to enter into our records and into the ClassDojo app/website where you can see your points at any time.  If your request is not immediately approved, Mrs. Shanker may ask for some for of proof for an activity outside the HHS Choir department like a video, program, or letter form an adult/teacher in charge.
    How do I see my points?
             For new singers, Mrs. Shanker will give you the ClassDojo access code page once the accounts are set up.  For returning singers, you should contact our Vice President with a request in writing to get your code again.  You can put your written request into the Choir Council folder.
    Who do I talk to if I need help with Letter Point stuff?
             First, ask our Choir Council Vice President.  If you don't know who that is, you should check the Choir Club website, or ask another member of the council or your class representative to point out the VP.  If the VP can not answer your question, they will direct you to talk to Mrs. Shanker.

    As Mrs. Shanker continues to adjust the Choir Letter Point system, you will see more specific qualifications/explanations and the point amounts may change.  Please note that any changes will go into effect from that date forward and will not affect any old points already recorded.

    Letter and 2 Stars


    Code   Points    Activity

       A        10        Winter / Spring Choir Concert
                              - Arrived At or Before Call Time
                              - Performed All Required Songs
                              - Wore the Appropriate Choir Wardrobe
                              - Stayed Through the End of the Concert.
       B         5          Winter / Spring Choir Concert Dress Rehearsal
                              - Arrived At or Before Call Time
                              - Stayed Through the End of the Required Rehearsal Time
                              - Rehearsed with all required ensembles.
       C         5          Choir Class Semester Participation
                              - For being in choir class each semester.
                              - Good Attendance and Participation
       D         2          Fall / Spring Showcase - Choir Performance (one song)
                              - Arrived At or Before Call Time
                              - Performed Required Song
                              - Wore the Assigned Clothing
       E         5          Fall / Spring Showcase - Individual/Group Performance
                              - Arrived At or Before Call Time
                              - Performed Auditioned/Approved Song
       F         1          Auditioned for Fall / Spring Showcase
                              - Submitted a completed audition form.
                              - Performed for Mrs. Shanker and/or Council
                              - Song was memorized and performance ready. 
       G       1-5        Showcase Hosts & Speakers
                              - A Host for the Showcase that has a large amount of speaking parts can earn up to 5 points.
                              - A Speaker with a small spoken part, can earn 1 point.
                              - Sometimes there is a gray area where you can earn 2, 3, or 4 points.
       H       20         One Year of participation in a Small Ensemble (A Cappella, Barbershop, Jazz, etc)
                              - 5 points per song learned & public performance
                              - 4 songs + 4 public performances = 20 points
                              - You cannot earn points for Showcase performances/auditions that count towards this category. 
       I         30         Vocal Master Class
                              - one year participation in VMC including all recital performance requirements and a passing grade
                              - 15 points for completion of the Vocal Master Class with a passing grade (1 year)
                              - 15 points for performing in the two required recitals
       J        30         AP Music Theory
                              - one year class with a passing grade
       K        20         Choir Council - Council & Executive Board Members
                              - for one year of service
                              - Must have completed job to Mrs. Shanker's satisfaction. 
       L        10         Choir Council Class Representatives
                             - for one year of service
                             - Must have completed job to Council's satisfaction.
       M       10         Regional / State Honor Choir
                             - Application, Audition, Preparing Before Event, Event Rehearsals, & Performance
                             - 10 points for Regional, another 10 points for State
       N       10         Camps & Workshops
                             - Women’s A Cappella U Workshop
                             - Men’s Youth In Harmony Barbershop Camp
                             - Women’s Barbershop Mountain Harmony Camp
                             - Sweet Adeline’s Region 12 Adventures In Singing Saturday Youth Workshop
                             - Jazz Festivals/Workshops TBD
       O      2           Single Song Performance Opportunity
                             - Any performance where you are singing one song in front of an audience,
                                    but it doesn't fit any other letterpoint category listed.
       P       5          Music In The Parks / ACDA / CMEA Festival Performance
                             - Festival Participation includes: Call Time, Appropriate Wardrobe, Participation
                             - Festivals will be scheduled by Mrs. Shanker based on date availability, distance, and funding. 
       Q      10        District Music Festival
                             - Chamber Choir students will sing with Liberty & Freedom chamber choirs in the fall.
                             - You must be present for the entire rehearsal and concert the day of the festival to get all 10 points.
       R       5          Star Spangled Banner Performance - Homecoming Parade, Sports Games, Graduation
                             - You can earn up to 20 points per year in this category.
                             - Some performances are Choir with an SATB arrangement.
                             - Some performances are volunteer solo opportunities.
                             - See Mrs. Shanker for a sign up list. 
       S       5          Open House / Back To School Night Performance
                             - Sometimes, Mrs. Shanker will ask a group to perform at these events.
                             - Call Time, Appropriate Wardrobe, Participation
       T       5          William Jessup Concert (Chamber Choir Performance)
                             - Chamber Choir students perform a set in the WJ Concert.
                             - Call Time, Appropriate Wardrobe, Participation
       U       5          Holiday Caroling
                             - Students must learn a set of holiday music and perform with the choir in the community.
                             - Maximum of 20 points can be earned in this category per year. 
       V       1          Volunteer Hours
                             - 1 point for every 3 hours of time spent either:
                                  -  Decorating for the Showcase
                                  -  Setting Up for a Concert
                                  -  Cleaning Up after a Concert
                                  -  Volunteering to help Mrs. Shanker (hold or make signs, hand out flyers, fold programs, etc)
                                  -  Cleaning the Choir Room before Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Breaks.
                                  -  Assisting during performances by selling/taking tickets, handing out programs, & backstage.
                                  - Your hours can accumulate over time.  You don't have to earn 3 hours in one day. 
                             - Maximum of 5 points per year in this category.
                             - Volunteer Hours must be logged on the form/clipboard in Mrs. Shanker's room within 24 hours.
    The following are outside the HHS Choir Program and therefore require additional proof such as a letter, program, or video.  A letter must come from the person incharge of an event or program and state the level of commitment, number of hours or meetings, etc to convey to Mrs. Shanker how many points you should earn for this activity.
    Code   Points    Activity
       W        10        Private Voice Lessons - 1 Year
                              - Must have received a minimum of 30 lessons in one year.
                              - Must provide a letter from the voice teacher indicating the number of lessons, hours, & performances. 
       X        20        HHS Musical
                              - Must have attended all required rehearsals & performances.
                              - Must have Mr. Fallows sign off that your participation was as promised.
       Y       10        Outside School Musical
                              - Must have attended all required rehearsals & performances.
                              - Must have Director write a letter outlining your participation and hours worked.
       Z        10        Church / Community / Other Choir - 1 Year
                              - Must have rehearsed and performed with the choir at least 40 weeks of the year.
                              - Must have Director write a letter outlining your participation and hours worked.
       AA       5         Music Is Medicine
                              - 1 point per Performed Song / Performance Opportunity
                              - Maximum of 5 points possible in this category per year.
                              - Must have a letter outlining participation from Club Advisor 
      BB        5         Heritage Idol
                              - 3 points for Performing in the First Round
                              - 2 points for Performing in the Final Round
                              - Must provide a program from the event. 
      CC        2         Heritage Talent Show
                              - 2 points for Singing in the show.
                              - Must provide a program from the event.