• EcoAdventure Trips


    Our Travel Group Is Signing Up Students, Just Like You, On Trips To
    Exciting Locations Around The Globe. Don’t Miss Out On The
    Opportunity Of A Lifetime!
    -----These are not school sponsored events, and LUHSD assumes no liability
    -----Fundraising ideas are available for students including sponsorship letter templates
    -----College Credit is available from Easter Washington University (additional fee)
    -----Each trip has chaperones that are specially chosen to enrich the educational experience,
           Art Teachers, Spanish Teachers, History Teachers, Biology teachers.
    -----Parents are welcome to come, but may not be an official chaperone
    -----At this time all chaperone spots are filled however Parents, Siblings or Family members feel
          free to come as a Tag‐a‐long…. No work; Just lots of fun!
    -----Reminder there is no student or chaperone drinking on our trips! Students who drink,
          sneak‐out or get caught fraternizing (sexual activity) will be sent home at their parents expense.
    -----Adults may imbibe moderately but are expected not to drink in front of student travelers,
           including at meal times. By EF guidelines adults are anyone over the age of 21.
    -----These trips are open to all students; however, students who are not known by the chaperones will        be required to submit a letter of recommendation.
    ----You can plan Special Travel, which can include going ahead of the group, or staying behind after the group departs. There is an additional fee via EF and you are required to provide all your own transportation, food and lodging while not with the group. This is a great opportunity to extend your vacation and save money because you will already be abroad.
    http://www.eftours.com/help‐center/preparation/special‐travel (additional fee)
    Cuba (March 2017) http://www.eftours.com/1756015ND (9 days)

    Italy/Greece/Spain (June 2017) http://www.eftours.com/1613043AB (14 days) (3 spots left)

    Costa Rica and Nicaragua (March 2018) http://www.eftours.com/1851142EY (9 days)

    Japan (March 2018) http://www.eftours.com/1896116WD (11 days)

    Portugal, Spain (June 2018) http://www.eftours.com/1808860AP (12 days)

    * Sign‐up online; requires a $95 non‐refundable deposit.
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