Excused Absence - Town Pass



    Please be advised that this is a closed campus. Students should not use a town pass to go off-campus to get lunch.
    To get your child out of school for an appointment or personal business, please email the school the night before or by 7:30 am, so that the town pass is sent to your child in a timely manner.
    You may also call after 7:30 am and at least one hour in advance. Please speak with a live person as we do not create passes from voicemails.
    On 3 day weekends, holidays, before a dance, or finals, please keep in mind that our call volume is high. We know emergencies occur but do your best to keep your students in class for the duration of the school day.
    Please do not call or come in to request your student after 2:45 as there is not enough time to get the pass to the student.



    If a student leaves campus without a town pass or is already off campus when the town pass is called in the student will be marked as TRUANT. Students must check out in B-2 or have a town pass in hand when leaving campus.

    When requesting your student from PE please be advised that it will take longer for your child to be excused from class, as the class has to be located, and the student has to gain access to the locker room to change and to retrieve personal items.



    Parents should call the night before or early in the morning. Students will need to pick up town passes before school (for the time during the first final) or during the 15 minute break between classes (for the time during the first final). Students should check out with attendance if they have not received a town pass. Town passes are NOT delivered to classrooms during final exams.