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    This website is currently a work-in-progress and will be updated as I continue to develop my lessons with the changing school structure. As always, my goal is to challenge students to think critically, analyze the world around them, and apply their skills to modern day issues and topics.

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    Currently in development. Possibly a combination of Google Docs, Office 365 and Canvas. I am always looking into the most effective and relevant tools to use for my classroom. Being able to work digitally is increasingly important and having access to technology is a priceless tool in today's world.

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    Class information for 10/12/20:

    Period 5:

    • Students click on the following link to go to class: Zoom link for Per. 5
      • Meeting ID: 827 0174 5041
      • Passcode: 797754

    Period 6:

    • Students click on the following link to go to class: Zoom link for Per. 6
      • Meeting ID: 897 7288 2280
      • Passcode: 686331

    Period 8:

    • Students click on the following link to go to class: Zoom link for Per. 8
      • Meeting ID: 848 5258 6474
      • Passcode: 155412


    English Fundamentals (please use canvas to turn in assignments, these notes are for the substitute)

    1. Rotation / Work Day
      • If you still have not completed your summary paragraph from last quarter, you may still turn that in for credit. The directions are in the Real Book, pages 36-40

      • If it is complete, your regular rotations for Silent Reading and Student App.
      • Make sure that you complete your reading log and turn-in to canvas today so you receive full credit.

      8th Period - Alternate Small Group Activity < LINK

      The day the car for normal people was made

      It is the year 1908. It is twenty-three years after Karl Benz makes his first car in Germany. After this long time, only very rich people can buy a car. However, a big change is coming.

      It’s Thursday, October 1, 1908. Henry Ford makes his Ford Model T. Henry Ford is 35 years old. He is an American businessman. He has a big dream. He wants to make a car for normal people. Now, his dream is a reality.

      The Ford T is cheap. It costs only $850. After some time the price goes down to $300. A normal worker at a Ford factory makes this money in 3 months.

      The production of this car stops in 1927. It is a very popular car. People buy 15 million types of this car.

      Difficult words: 

      • reality (the real situation), 
      • dream (an idea of something that you want to do), 
      • cost (how much you pay).


      Why do you think cars are so important today? Explain.

      What kind of car would you get if you could have any car?

      Do you think learning to drive a car would be scare? Why or why not?


    AP (please use canvas to turn in assignments, these notes are for the substitute)

      • This quarter we will continue to practice rhetorical strategies and write a final timed rhetorical essay, but a majority of this quarter will be focused on the argument essay.
      • While you will not be able to choose the topic for the essay on the test, I believe choosing your own topics will be a great way to introduce you to the essay.
      • We will be using your topics / information in the future to help build your understanding and skills.

      The Assignment:

      First topic: what would YES say? What would NO say?
      What would they say about each other?
      What are the "grey" areas? (sometimes, in these instances, if this is true…) Brainstorm a few examples.

      Repeat for each topic.

      Answer in complete sentences. This is not an essay style response, but it should be well thought out. We will be using these in the future for argument essay practice.