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    Welcome to the Liberty High School Biz Tech Academy Page!

    Whether you see yourself designing buildings to designing clothing, running your own business or helping take that business into the future with new technology and marketing, or maybe you are interested in being a chef or working on your car, there is a place for you in the Business & Technology Academy!

    Biz Tech offers 7 pathways for you to choose from:

    Finance & Business
    Information Technology
    Automotive Technology
    Agriculture and natural Resources
    Building Trades and Construction
    Fashion & Interior Design
    Culinary Arts

    Students go from learning more about their chosen career pathway to eventually working or taking on a more advanced role towards their chosen career pathway. We go on field trips (The Tech, 49ers Stadium, SFSU, Giants Ball Park, and Wells Fargo) to see how what the student learns in Biz Tech is applied to the "Real World".