• Hey there! Thank you for your interest in the Liberty Cross Country program!



    • Season Length: February 2nd - March 31st
    • Last Day to Join: Thursday, February 11th
    • Practice Times: Mon-Fri from 3:25-5:25pm
    • Practice Location: Liberty HS Track


    How to get signed up:

    Please start working on this ASAP. Scheduling an ASAP visit with a primary physician for a physical exam needs to be taken care of too. I always recommend to people that aren't cleared within a week of season to schedule a physical examination with a local chiropractor instead.

    Here are some options below & bring this FORM with you to have it signed:

    Schedule an appointment for the earliest availability (you will probably need to settle for a time during school at this point).

    You must be cleared by the start of practice on Wednesday, February 10th. Meaning, you must have participated in your first practice with the team no later than Wednesday, February 10th.



    1. Create/log in to your athleticclearance.com account.
    2. Complete the emergency info on athleticclearance.com
    3. Schedule a visit to a doctor for a physical exam and bring this FORM with you to have them sign it.
    4. Upload the completed FORM to your athleticclearance.com account.

    After those completed steps, you'll still need to sign the last page of the COVID protocol waiver and bring with you to your first practice.