• In order to register to take the AP Test, students must:

    1. Register for each AP course on at myap.collegeboard.org. Students should have received their join codes from each AP teacher.

    2. Go to https://aptsusa.com/libertyhs/ and pay a nonrefundable deposit for the tests. The amount may vary depending on the class and the number of tests.

    - If your students is not planning on taking the test for a course, please submit an AP Exam Opt Out Form.

    - If you qualify for free and reduced lunch, your exam will be discounted. If you are experincing financial hardship, please go to Den 2. Cases will be reviewed individually.

    Both of these steps must be completed by November 1 to avoid additional fees and delays.

    You can find more information about the AP program, including test dates, guidelines for fee waivers, and FAQ’s by clicking here.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to your child’s AP teacher or email the LHS testing coordinator at thigpenw@luhsd.net.

    Thank you!

    Please click on the following link to view the PowerPoint concenring the AP registration process: AP Exam, Registration, and Payment

    How to Guide for Students

    Liberty HS AP Exam FAQs

    Link to Free and Reduced Lunch Application