• Liberty High School Attendance Policy

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    If a student is tardy 3 or more times per week, they will be called in for disciplinary action by their Den administrator.

    The following is the progressive discipline as it relates to tardies PER QUARTER:

    1st Disciplinary Action = 30 min. detention

    2nd Disciplinary Action = 1 hr. detention

    3rd Disciplinary Action = Saturday School

    4th Disciplinary Action = On Campus Suspension

    *Note: Students will only be sent to their Den for a tardy pass 1st and 5th periods. All other periods students must report to their assigned class and teacher will record tardy.




    • Two calls are made each day by the attendance office to parents to report and verify absences.
    • Students who are off campus are assigned 4 periods of lunch detention and parents will be contacted.
    • 8+ period truancies in a quarter—student is placed on the non-participation list and assigned Wednesday School during quarter break or Saturday School.
    • Truancies may be cleared through 4 hour Wednesday School during quarter break or Saturday School.


    Administrative Action for Excessive Truancies:


    School Attendance review Board (SARB) Process:

    1. T1 letter (3 full day truancies or 12 period truancies). Sent at 2 week intervals.
    2. T2 letter
    3. School Attendance Review Team (SART) meeting with student and parent. SART meetings held every Thursday. Student will be placed on an Attendance Contract as part of the SART process.
    4. SARB Panel at the Brentwood Police Department.