• Reading Buddies

    Teaching and Learning Careers Academy

    TLC Academy Vision:

    "Preparing students for a successful tomorrow."

    Participation in the TLC Academy will help students develop the skills they need to be prepared and competitive in college and career through direct instruction and experiences such as:

    -          Transferable work place skills (resume & interview)

    -          Field experience (over 100 hours spent working in a classroom)

    -          Building trust & relationships with adult mentors

    -          Academic success through goal setting

    Our Mission: 



          Developing college and career skills in community-minded students while building a seamless bridge to life after high school.   

    Teaching and Learning Careers Academy will give students an opportunity to explore careers in education while preparing them for college and providing a close, personal learning environment. Being in TLC does NOT mean a student definitely wants to be a teacher! While all TLC students must work with students as reading buddies and eventually as Interns, there are many transferable career skills that will be gained via the TLC experience. It is: "Experience you can take anywhere."  For example, all TLC students are given career preparation skills such as resume building and interview skills.

    TLC is a learning community built on mutual trust and respect where students take priority. It is based on the California Department of Education Partnership Academy model, which is a school-within-a-school program, whose goal is to motivate students to high academic excellence. It is supported by a California Partnership Academy Grant which incorporates a number of innovative features including: a family-like atmosphere (a team of teachers who work with common students), integration of academic and career related curriculum, college field trips, guest speakers, and involvement of employers in a number of different roles, such as professional career mentors. TLC has smaller class sizes (limited to 30 when possible). TLC has been funded for the past 14 years and its students have shown improved performance in attendance, credits, grades, and graduation rates.

    Required Courses:

    10th Grade

    · Eng 2

    · World History or AP World History

    · Chemistry/Earth Sys TLC 

    · Child Development - TLC

    11th Grade

    · Eng 3 Or AP Eng 3 

    *  Psychology or Psychology AP

    · TLC Core (Junior Year): Job Shadow off campus at local school.

    12th Grade

    · Eng 4 or AP Eng 4

    · Govt./Econ

    · Internship (4 mornings per week at local school) * TLC CORE (Junior Year) is the prerequisite for Internship

    · Period 1 or 5 required for Internship (recommended to be taken both periods)

          * Students are not allowed to join the academy for the first time as a Senior.