• Welcome to the Parents Club!
    Helping Students, Teachers, and Staff 

  • About Us:

    LHS Parents Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization staffed entirely by parent volunteers.  Our mission is to create scholarships and supplement classroom needs/help through events and fundraisers.


     Get Involved:

    LHS involvement is essential to making LHS the outstanding school it is.  Please volunteer to help out  LHS and/or consider taking on a leadership position on the Parents Club Board.  Please contact any of the current Board members to explore a role that suits your interest and strengths.


    sports basement  

    Liberty families Save 10% at Sports Basement all Year Long...and 5% goes back to the Parents Club! 

    Just say "Liberty High School"  at the register of any sports Basement and you will receive 10% off Everything with 5% going back to the Parents Club- no flyer needed.