Message to Students/Parents Re: Distance Learning

  • Posted on April 1st, 2020

    Dear Students/Parents,

    As we transition to distance learning for the forseeable future, my teacher website ( and the Realiades eTextbook ( will be the two primary resources for the completion of your coursework.

    - Coursework will be posted to the 'Spanish 2/3 Distance Learning Assignments' page on my teacher website, at the start of every week, Monday morning, starting April 6th.

    - Coursework can be submited via the Realidades eTextbook or via email ( 

    - Textbook/Workbook pages needed to complete coursework will be made available via eTextbook, and scanned copies will also be posted to the 'Spanish 2/3 Distance Learning Assignments' page

    - Announcements will continue to be made via Remind, AERIES email blast, and my teacher website.

    Spanish 2 Remind code: @b2kf4f

    Spanish 3 Remind code: @e2288e

    Undoubtedly, these are challenging times for us all, and we all realize that such hardship extends beyond the classroom. Nonetheless, we as a campus community are confident that, in extending one another patience and compassion, we will work together effectively to continue to meet the needs of students and the learning goals/objectives for their respective classes. 

    As we embark on this uncharted course, please know that we too are navigating these new tech platforms for the first time as well, and that, consequently, we don't/won't have all the answers. Be patient with us, as we will be patient with you, in adapting to these new circumstances. Use one another as a resource for guidance and support, just as you have always done in class. Above all, please take care and caution while we rally together as a greater community to ensure our collective health and safety.

    Take care and be safe,

    -Mr. Carey