Please click the link below to view/print the LUHSD Camp Protocol Acknowledgement and Liability Form:
    Registration for LHS Athletics will be completed online.  Athletes and parents can access the registration service at www.athleticclearance.com.  In order to make the process smoother, please have insurance information and student ID # ready.  Physical exam forms must be uploaded  before clearance can be finalized.
    DOWNLOAD PHYSICAL FORM HERE: 2020-21 Physical Form
    **Physical examinations must be dated June 1, 2020 or later
    All athletes must have health insurance to participate in tryouts and/or competition.  If health insurance is needed, an inexpensive policy can be purchased online at: www.peinsurance.com/signup
    Please download and read the "Athletic Guidelines."  Topics include eligibility, behavioral expectations, and conflict resolution procedures.  Parents/guardians, athletes, and coaches are expected to adhere to these policies.
    Addenda to Athletic Guidelines

    Liberty has 4 grading periods; one for each quarter. Students must be enrolled in at least 4 classes and maintain a 2.0 GPA during the grading period immediately prior to and during their sport to be eligible under CIF rules. If they are enrolled in 8 classes they may not receive more than 2 F's. If they are enrolled in less than 8 classes, they may receive no more than 1 F in a grading period.

    Academic Probation:

    Per LUHSD policy, a student may apply for Academic Probation if grades for the most recently completed grading period was no less than a 1.75 GPA, AND the grading period prior to that was no less than a 2.0, AND the student adheres to the provisions in their Academic Probation contract.  Per CIF/NCS rules, a student can not be academically ineligible (below 2.0) for 2 consecutive grading periods and participate in athletics. Academic Probation can only be used one time per academic school year.
    Dates of Determination:
    LUHSD sets dates of determination, in accordance with NCS and CIF Guidelines.  The 2017-18 School Year Dates of Determination are: 8/7/17, 10/23/17, 1/16/18, & 4/9/18.  Any grade changes made after these dates cannot be considered for eligibility purposes. 
    For a student to travel with a parent/guardian to an official LHS athletic event, the following form must be submitted to the coach of the team: Parent Driver Form
    For a student to travel with the parent/guardian of another student to an official LHS athletic event, the following form must be submitted to the coach of the team: Ath Trans Approval