• TLC Core Syllabus                             Cailotto, Liberty High School 

    Course Description: TLC CORE is a UC approved, college-prep G elective. TLC CORE is also an articulated college course at Los Medanos College (see details on signature page and teacher website).

    TLC Core is an expereience-based, participatory, process-oriented, career/technical elective course.  Students will explore education as an area of study through reading, writing, and discussion, as well as through participation in whole-group, small-group and individual projects, activities, and simulations.  Students will also participate in weekly field experience ‘lab’ internship at a cooperating school site: pre-school, elementary school, middle school off campus, or on-campus at the County SPED building or in an LHS classroom. The lab experience requires maturity and responsibility and is a PRIVILEGE that is earned. Any serious, concerning misbehavior can result in loss of off-campus privilege. Conduct problems include misbehavior in other classes or toward students or staff, problems during lunch and/or passing periods, negative social media behavior during/after school, as well as behavior problems on and off campus before/after school. Conduct is graded for TLC students. Poor conduct score(s) on progress and/or report cards may result in ineligibility for TLC extra-curricular events, like field trips and academy socials.

    Course Outcomes: Students will be familiar with issues related to teaching and learning in the following areas: the learner, schools, teachers, teaching, and lesson planning.  Students will also be familiar with current events in education, as well as research methodologies and scholarly writing in the social sciences.

    Course Materials: TLC-Core Binder (provided, do not remove from D1); Lab workbook journal (provided, turned in quarterly); TLC planner pages (provided); single-subject college- or wide-ruled notebook ONLY for this class (provided, do not remove from D1); Completed permission packet for internship (signed and returned before starting work experience and must be updated if anything changes).


    Grading categories are weighted as follows: 
    • Assignments/Classwork = 20%
    • Papers/Projects/Presentations = 15%
    • Homework Articles = 10%                                                                
    • Work Experience Lab = 15%
    • Lab Journal = 10%
    • Quizzes & Exams = 15%                                                                                                                                                
    • Class Participation* = 15% *Participation is graded.  Students must be in class on time and fully engaged in the class process in order to learn and achieve.  Tardiness and off-task behavior like device use, doing homework for other courses, sleeping, attending to personal hygiene, socializing and talking during lessons, presentations, discussions, group/partner work will result in loss of participation points and lower grade for course.  No make-up work can be provided for participation points lost due to absence. Participation grade includes quarterly goal setting, daily class accomplishment log, grading period self-assessment, as well as teacher assessment of student participation based on attendance, classroom behavior, work experience, etc. 

    Tardiness/Truancy - Liberty attendance policy will be enforced.  Work turned in after TRUANCY (as verified by ABI) will receive 0% grade.  I usually check the attendance record at each grading period (monthly), so be sure to get all absences cleared as soon as possible. Off-campus lab truancy will be handled according to TLC Policy:  1st ‘cut’ = parent notification and attendance contract.  2nd ‘cut’ = Withdrawal from off-campus lab.  (An on-campus job-shadowing placement for remainder of the school year will replace off-campus lab).

    Lab Attendance – Lab attendance is confirmed in two ways.  School or site sign-in sheets can be faxed to LHS attendance and classroom teachers confirm attendance by email directly to Mrs. Cailotto.  It is possible, but difficult, to make up lab hours.  Make-up hours must be arranged with the lab mentor in advance.  Lab attendance is mandatory and extremely important! Non-attendance to lab (including excused absences) may result in loss of internship privilege. The TLC Core job-shadowing lab is like a job. Non-attendance for any reason is grounds for loss of off-campus privilege.

    Dress CodeTHE STUDENT DRESS CODE OF THE LAB SITE must be followed exactly (note that in most cases their dress code is more restrictive than ours AND strictly enforced).  Students reprimanded for lab dress code violations will receive lower lab grade for each violation and possible disciplinary action.

    Discipline – Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own behavior. Students who display lack of self-control should expect teacher-directed discipline measures such as: student-teacher conference, seating change, and in-class contract. Chronic discipline problems will be dealt with via parent notification, communication with students' teachers/counselors/admin and support staff, discipline referral, parent-teacher conference, behavior/discipline contract and/or meeting with DEN administrator. Also, any discipline referral for aggressive violence, illegal activity, or disrespectful behavior will result in loss of off-campus lab privilege. Our cooperating school sites trust we are sending students in good standing to work with their students, so any discipline suspension may result in loss of off-campus lab privilege.

    Social Media - See permission packet and conduct rubric for details. Since students work with children in the community, absolutely no posts, comments, or pictures about fighting, partying, drugs, alcohol or other illegal behavior. In addition, negative posts about Liberty students, teachers, classmates, TLC Academy, or posts about personal drama, or anything that could be considered cyber-bullying (INCLUDING posts or comments in closed group chats  or PM's) may result in loss of off-campus work experience and/or academy extra-curricular privilege. Our cooperating school sites welcome role models on their campuses. Less than role model behavior is not welcome. SET ALL PROFILES TO PRIVATE and be cautious about what you post in "private" group chats or PM's. 

    Academic Honesty – The first incident of cheating will result in corrective consequence (opportunity to re-do the assignment for partial credit). Thereafter, incidences of ‘cheating’ will result in 0% grade for project/assignment/test. Cheating includes ALL forms of plagiarism: copying from internet, copying from print, copying anything turned in for credit (including copying chapter study guides in person or by sharing pics/snaps), submitting work created by another, file-sharing of any kind, and all forms of ‘patchwork’ plagiarism, (copying portions or changing a few key words and inserting the copied work into original work). Chronic cheating will result in formal disciplinary action (discipline referral, behavior contract). All written work is submitted electronically and scanned for originality. Work that is more than 20% copied/plagiarized will earn 0% score in the gradebook.

     Make-up Work –ALL absences negatively affect learning, however work missed due to excused absences can be made up.  TRUANCY = 0% recorded for project/assignment/test. Absences are verified according to ABI. Please take a close look at the LHS student handbook. EXCUSED absences include things like illness, health appointments, funerals, and court appearances. Sleeping in, staying home to work on last minute projects, car trouble, family vacations, hair appointments, etc. are recorded as UNEXCUSED – EVEN WHEN A PARENT CALLS IN to clear the absence! Students with many unexcused absences risk losing work experience privilege. Successful TLC Core student treat the course and work experience periods like a REAL JOB.

    Late Work – Assignments, journals, projects, homework must be turned in ON TIME or early to be eligible for full credit.

    Classwork, homework, projects, Do Now notebooks and journals turned in late will lose points. Late work must be submitted BEFORE THE PUBLISHED, QUARTLY LATE WORK DEADLINE to earn any credit. Since most assignments are submitted online and students have 2-4 WEEKS to submit, absence on a due date does not automatically grant more time to complete and submit late for full credit. Likewise, being absent on the published quarterly late work deadline does not grant more time to turn in late work for credit that is already LATE!


    E-mail:  Cailotto@luhsd.net I check email multiple times during day, including weekends. Please call the school and ask secretary to email me your concerns.

    Remind: Text communication via Remind App or through your cell provider texting plan.

    Phone: Call school and leave details with secretary if you cannot reach me by email. Since communication about your student is confidential and Liberty teachers do not have offices for making private phone calls, there is very limited opportunity for me to chat on the phone about your student’s progress.. I almost always have students in my classroom, including during lunch, prep periods, and after school. This is the main reason why email is preferred method of communication.













    Signatures                                                                                                                                            Please sign and return to Cailotto, D1

    TLC Core Video Notification – During the course of the school year, we may view video presentations about teaching, learning, and schools (most have been approved as curriculum for TLC Core by LUHSD). Titles include: Stand and Deliver, The Ernest Green Story, Dangerous Minds, Freedom Writers’ Diary, Bully, The Ron Clark Story, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Teach, etc. Please include a note below if you do not give your student permission to view these films/documentaries. Your student will be given alternate reading assignments in place of these films/documentaries and accompanying notes or worksheets.

    TLC Course Understanding – We understand TLC Core is a process-oriented, experience-based learning course that includes a work experience internship lab. As such, attendance is both required and graded. Because it is experience-based, we understand that alternate assignments cannot be arranged in the event of lengthy or chronic absences (there is no ‘textbook’ to work from at home or ‘tests’ that can be taken in place of course and lab experiences). We also acknowledge that off-campus work experience placement is a PRIVILEGE that is earned on a day-to-day, week-by-week basis, and that internship placement is dependent upon positive conduct on and off campus, as well as online: ANY discipline referral or suspension will likely also result in temporary or permanent loss of off-campus internship privilege. ONLY Liberty TLC students in good standing are eligible to work in the community with children and cooperating teachers at local school sites.

    LMC Articluation Credit - TLC Core students who earn A and B grades for both semesters are eligble for Los Medanos College credit (for CHDEV32). Must continue in TLC grade 12, TLC Internship, to enroll.

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