• PEER TUTOR SYLLABUS                         Cailotto, Liberty High School
    Course Description
    Peer Tutor is an elective for teaching academy high school students to further gain experience working with learners in a classroom setting. 

    Course Expectations
    Peer tutors will actively engage with learners by assisting the instructor with lessons, working with learners individually and in small groups, and coaching and encouraging peers to successfully achieve in the classroom setting.

    Course Policies and Grading
    Peer Tutor is a participatory elective – students must be present and actively working with learners every period. Grading will be 50% Attendance/Participation; 50% Classwork (working with learners, lesson prep, assisting with classroom preparation and management, etc.)

    Tardiness/Truancy - Liberty attendance policy will be followed. When late, student must sign in and log late arrival. Tardiness is not excused, including when students drop off belongings during passing, then leave the classroom to visit locker, friends, bathroom, etc. Students who drop in during passing, but leave and return after tardy bell are late. Truancy (cutting class without permission) is unexcused and discouraged. 
    Discipline – Peer Tutors are first and foremost, role models. Classroom behavior must be appropriate in every way. Peer tutors are expected to arrive on time, wear appropriate attire and ID, participate and work the whole period, refrain from distractions like device use, socializing, or working on personal assignments. 

    E-mail:  Cailotto@luhsd.net
    Remind: Text or email reminders. Info for joining shared in class. Remind stream is also accessible on my teacher website https://ca01001129.schoolwires.net/Domain/848
    Phone: 925-634-3521 (Liberty High School). If you cannot email me directly, please call the school and communicate with your student’s DEN office. Teachers do not have office space or office hours to make confidential phone calls about student progress. I have students working in my classroom before school, during lunch, during prep period, as well as after school, which is why a private phone conversation about your student is difficult. Please make every effort to email or call the school office to ask the secretary to email me.