Social Studies Resources

  • General Social Sciences

    Social Sciences Research Library

    Includes information on sociology, psychology, communications, political science, linguistics, criminology and education

    Social Science Database

    Includes anthropology, communication science, demography, economics, education, political science, policy studies, psychology, social work and sociology.




    Provides information, photos & statistics on countries and cultures around the world

    Religion Database

    Religion Database provides a wide range of primarily full-text periodicals and other sources for diverse religious and spiritual studies, covering formal theological studies and commentary on topics of general interest from the perspectives of many worldwide religions. 



    Proquest Psychology Database

    Psychology Database™ provides abstracts and indexing of key psychology journals. Users get access to charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, photos, and other graphical elements essential to psychological research.

    Health & Medicine Research Library

    From business and political science to literature and psychology, ProQuest Research Library™ provides one-stop access to a wide range of the most utilized subjects and topics. The database includes thousands of full-text titles, with a highly-respected, diversified mix of scholarly journals, professional and trade publications, important and general interest magazines.