If you are interested in Senior portraits, please contact DeAnne at Precious Moments Photography (925) 207-9566.



    DECEMBER 2021

    December 22nd to Jan. 7th - No School/Winter Break (13 days)


    JANUARY 2022
    January 17th - No School
    January 20th - Honor Roll Assembly/Open House



    FEBRUARY 2022
    * Q3 Life after High School Assembly - Wednesday, TBA

    February 11th - No School
    February 14th - IHS Scholarship Applications available (Due 4/29/22)
    February 21st - No School

    MARCH 2022
    March 21st to April 1st - No School/Spring Break (10 days)


    APRIL 2022
    April 23rd - No School/Spring Recess
    April 29th - Deadline to submit IHS Scholarship Applications



    MAY 2022
    Graduation attire (cap/gown/2022 basic tassel) will be available in the IHS office first week of May.
    * Q4 Life after High School Assembly - Wednesday, TBA
    May 23rd to 27th - Senior Completion Week! (May 27th deadline)

    May 30th - No School



    JUNE 2022
    June 1st - Senior Brunch
    June 7th - IHS 2022 Graduation Ceremony held on Tuesday and program starts in the evening at LHS. 
    Keep checking the homepage for up to date information on everything related to 2022 Graduation Ceremony.