• Welcome to our School Site Council!

      The purpose of SSC is to promote the continuous improvement and implementation of the School Site Plan. Specifically, SSC will encourage programs that promote a positive climate, address areas of special student need, promote staff development, facilitate the accreditation process, increase communication between the school, business, community services, post-secondary and collegiate institutions.


       To inspire all students to learn by providing opportunities for academic achievement and personal success


      Students will graduate as self –directed learners who are effective, clear communicators and responsible citizens prepared to compete globally in the 21st Century


      *Inspiration  *Dedication *Graduation
      School Site Council Members


      Student: Student Representative

      Parents:  Kirsten Broglie, Yasmin Swaggerty, Julie Bess, Mary Rotermund

      Staff:   Guy Rognlien, Kate Perry, Karina Cortesi, Shannon Abono


      Upcoming meetings:

       Wednesday, October 18, 2023 at 3:30 PM



      Room 4 at Independence High School