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    Physical Education Plan

    The Physical Education at Independence High School is designed to promote physical fitness and overall wellness. Students must complete 10 credits of 9th grade and 10 credits of 10th grade Physical Education to meet the graduation requirements. Once those requirements have been met, students can continue Physical Education to earn elective credits.

    Students at Independence High can meet their PE requirements by completing a Physical Education Plan, participating in the activities outlined in their plan, and by keeping a daily log of these activities. The expectation is that each student maintains and updates their log weekly and submits the log at the end of each month to their PE teacher.

    There are many activities students can count towards PE. Examples are as follows: walking, biking, team sports, and working out at the gym.

    Grading - Each student is required to complete a minimum of 5 hours of exercise per week (1 hour per day). Assignments/logs are due every Friday and should be submitted in Canvas.

    If there are any questions, students may meet with their assigned PE teacher during the teacher's office hours. 


    Teacher: Julie NoblittExt.1089