• Health


    General Information: Health is a one-semester long course worth 5 credits. This course is designed to help students examine their lifestyles, set goals, and make positive choices to help achieve and maintain optimum health throughout their life. The Health class promotes responsible decision-making and provides students with life management skills. Students will focus on choosing behaviors that help prevent illness and accidents while promoting health towards one's self and others.

    Absence Policy: Attendance and class participation are required. If a student is absent, he/she may complete the assignment through Canvas.

    Grading: Health courses adhere to the California state standards and frameworks. For all courses, students will be given our district approved textbook as well as materials and assignments provided by the teacher to facilitate the learning of the course objectives. Late assignments (one week or more) will be lowered by 1 grade.


    Teacher: Julie Noblitt, ext. 1089