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    2022-23 SCHOOL YEAR


    In order to prepare students for the upcoming school year, please plan to complete all mandatory enrollment/registration requirements BEFORE Friday, July 15th deadline.

    Below you will find very important information regarding the MANDATORY enrollment/registration process and the opening of the 2022-23 school year.

    1. July 5 – 15 is the open window for our mandatory enrollment / registration for the new school year. The two-part process is as follows:

      a.  Part I Registration Online or In-Person / AERIES - DATA CONFIRMATION

    Online, please go to AERIES Parent Portal and complete DATA Confirmation - click here: Registration. You will need to have your Parent Portal sign-in information readily available.


     Sign all forms electronically

     Update all personal information (if you need to make changes your address - contact Mary Warr, 925-634-2589 press #5), update emergency contacts and medical history

     Review documents and authorizations

     Complete, print, and bring a signed copy of your student’s “Emergency Card” with you to Part II 'WALK-IN REGISTRATION'. On the “Final Data Confirmation” screen, please click “Print New Emergency Card.” You may print this document when you come into our office for Part II 'WALK-IN REGISTRATION'. 

    If you have any questions - please contact Mary Warr, Registrar at 925-634-2589 press #5 or click here to email our Registrar.


    In-Person Registration: If you are unable to complete the Data Confirmation process online, you may stop by the IHS main office between the hours of 8:30am – 4:00pm Monday – Friday.

    b. Part II Walk-In Registration – At Independence, all parties (including students) are required to complete and sign a Master Agreement.

    Parent AND student WALK-IN REGISTRATION / MASTER AGREEMENT. This must be accomplished by coming into the office between the hours of 8:30am – 4:00pm Monday – Friday.

    *If you have not returned your district issued technology device or textbook(s), we ask that you return these items during this time as well.

    Future Students: If your student is enrolled in the Liberty Union High School District (LUHSD) at another high school and would like to transfer to Alternative Education/IHS, please first contact your student's current high school counselor to discuss transfer options and apply with their office completing a LUHSD Alternative Education Student Transfer Application Request packet. Once the student's transfer application has been processed by homesite administrators and if it is recommended to transfer, the paperwork will be submitted to our office for review by our Principal. 

    Please allow up to two weeks to review the request and for us to provide you with notification of its status.

    Students with an IEP are first required to discuss options with their Case Manager and must follow the IEP student transfer process prior to requesting a transfer.

    Student Data Records: If you would like to request your transcript, dates of enrollment, or need other related information, please contact the Registrar.

    Registrar:  Mary Warr
    Phone:  (925) 634-2589 option 4/ext. 1032
    Email: warrm@luhsd.net