• Free Breakfast & Lunch for ALL!

    Posted by Rosy Ayers on 8/1/2022


    Students will receive a free breakfast and lunch daily! Read more about it here:

    Universal Meals Bill

    Students may buy a second breakfast for $2.75 & a second lunch for $3.75


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  • Coming Soon: NEW Online Applications & Payment System

    Posted by Rosy Ayers on 5/18/2017
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  • New SALAD Bar at Heritage High School

    Posted by Rosy Ayers on 7/28/2015



    Fresh New salad bar station was added this year at Heritage High School. Students can have a fresh salad prepared to their liking daily! A vegetarian salad is also available with different protein options such as cheese, beans and sunflower seeds. You choose what you want on your salad...cucumber, onion, croutons, bread stix, bell peppers and more!

    Also available at the salad bar we have fresh fruit, granola and yogurt parfaits and deli sandwiches!

     salad bar 2  sb salad bar 4

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  • School Snacks Update 2015

    Posted by Rosy Ayers on 1/22/2015

    We have added a Healthy Vending Program: Healthy Vending




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  • Liberty High School Lion's Bowl

    Posted by Rosy Ayers on 1/21/2015
    Liberty High School has their own delicious Lion's Bowl. What's a Lion's Bowl you ask? It's breaded chicken on top of mashed potatoes and topped with gravy. It's super delicious and a great source of protein to feed the brain! The Lion's Bowl has been so popular that we now offer them on our daily lunch (based on availability). 
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  • Heritage High School Patriot Chicken & Rice Burrito

    Posted by Rosy Ayers on 1/21/2015
    Introducing the Patriot Chicken and Rice Burrito! Whole grain tortilla filled with chicken, rice, mozzerella cheese, refried beans and our very own Patriot seasonings! This is a high protein refuel burrito that will recharge your brain and your muscles! Try it in our menu this coming February 2015!
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  • Freedom High School Falcon Fajita

    Posted by Rosy Ayers on 1/21/2015

    Coming Soon....The Falcon Fajita!! This protein and energy filled fajita is filled with tasty Spanish Rice, Chicken Breast, our very own Falcon Fajita Seasonings wrapped in a 12in. whole grain tortilla.

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  • New Crunchy Hawaiian Chicken Wrap Added to Menu

    Posted by Rosy Ayers on 9/4/2014 11:00:00 AM
    New Menu Item in September...
    The Crunchy Hawaiian Chicken Wrap
    combines seasoned chicken,
    sweet pineapple, and crunchy
    shredded vegetables, topped
    with a delicious poppy seed
    dressing all wrapped in a
    warm, whole-wheat tortilla.
    What it looks like:Crunchy Hawaiian Wrap
    Nutrition Information: Nutrition & Ingredients 
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