• Despite this page primarily developed to support parents/students during pandemic, we will continue updating info below since access to tools has become integral for all of us.


    Canvas Parent App: Steps to access (Flyer linked here


    Liberty UHSD Parent and Student Distance Learning Toolkit

    Conjunto de herramientas de Aprendizaje a Distancia para padres y estudiantes


    Welcome Liberty UHSD parents and students! This web page was crafted to support your access and navigation to critical resources provided to you for distance learning.


    Las instrucciones en español están vinculadas aquí


    Please note: 

    1. Do not use Internet Explorer browser on device for accessing any of the links/curriculum below, as software will not perform.

    2. It is highly recommended a laptop or desktop device is used for distance learning; tablets, cell phones, and other mobile devices may not function as needed.

    3. Zoom Isssues: If a student is using a Liberty UHSD laptop and having issues with Zoom audio, video, connectivity, or other, please visit link here for support. For improved performance of Zoom, after logging into Clever (steps are below) students must click Office 365 icon within Clever and leave tab open.

    4. Over time, a device needs its memory (cache) cleared for better performance. As a user browses through websites, a browser saves several contents and data in temporary storage, called "cache." To clear cache to improve performance, please visit the following links for browser you are using:

    - For Chrome browser, click here.

    - For Firefox browser, click here.

    - For Safari browser, click here.

    *5. After logging into Clever (steps are below) students must click Office 365 icon within Clever and leave tab open for improved functionality of Zoom and Canvas. 


    For the first days of school, students will need to log into Clever and then Canvas where they will have access to the digital classroom. Please follow the steps below: 


    STEP 1: Access Clever.  


    Question: How do I access Clever as a Liberty UHSD student? 

    Answer: Click here for a step by step guide and resources needed to access Clever. 


    STEP 2: Access Canvas. 


    Question: How do I access Canvas as a Liberty UHSD student? 

    Answer: The Canvas tile is in Clever (see instructions here), and students just click the tile for access. 


    STEP 3: Access to Virtual Classroom 


    Question: How do I get to my virtual classroom the first day of school? 

    Answer: Prior to accessing Zoom link for class, students will need to review information linked here on how to authenticate. Also, this link shows where to go after logging into Canvas to access Zoom video link for the "classroom." Zoom video info. If you woulld like to test your device for Zoom visit here.




    Useful Information


    Question: What is Clever? 

    Answer: A personalized portal with a single login for many of student’s online programs and resources. More info is located here from Clever. 

    Tip: After logging into Clever (steps are below) students must click Office 365 icon within Clever and leave tab open for improved functionality of Zoom and Canvas.


    The school site, library, digital locker... 


    Question: What is Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)? 

    Answer: Canvas is a one stop shop Learning Management System 


    Question: Are any guides available for Canvas use? 

    Answer: Access "Canvas Student Guide" web page here 



    The digital classroom, communication tool, conduit for Zoom access: 


    Question: What is Aeries Student Information System? 

    Answer: Info from Aeries is linked here


    Question: How do I access Aeries as a student or parent? 

    Answer: Please see slides 2 and 3 for support from instructions linked here



     The Student Information System 


    Question: What is Office 365 for students? 

    Answer: Please see info from Office 365 linked here 


    Question: How do I access Office 365 as a student and other information? 

    Answer: The Office 365 tile is in Clever (see instructions here), and students click tile for access. 


    Question: Office 365 contains email. Do students have access to email accounts? 

    Answer: Yes, and it is accessible through Office 365 by clicking “Outlook” icon after logging into Office 365.  


    Note: Although Canvas will be primary source for communicating with teachers, students wil have access to email and can only receive/send internal communication (@luhsd.net).  This only exception is for receiving messages from limited outside organizations (i.e. Aeries). 


    Office 365

     Microsoft Online: Word, Power Point, Excel, Class Notebook, One Drive (1TB of cloud storage), etc.