• Independence High School

    Behavior Expectations

    1)    Our classrooms are learning and study centers. 

    ·        Be respectful of everyone’s space and their right to a comfortable, peaceful and quiet environment.

    ·        Use your time in our classrooms wisely and productively.

    ·        Handle school textbooks, furniture and equipment responsibly.

    ·        Cooperate with all staff and other school officials.


    2)    We strive to maintain a safe campus. 

    ·        Refrain from verbal or physical altercations.

    ·        Wandering or loitering around campus is not allowed.

    ·        Smoking or using other uncontrolled substances is prohibited.

    ·        Bringing objects on campus that may be harmful to others is forbidden.

    ·        Visitors are not allowed on campus without permission from the office.


    3)    The dress code is meant to promote a business atmosphere. 

    ·        Inappropriate, unsuitable clothing is not allowed at school, which includes    gang related colors or symbols, disparaging titles or slogans, bare midriffs,        low-cut revealing tops, short shorts/skirts, pants with gaping holes, exposed underwear or sagging pants.

    ·        Hats are to be removed before entering the building.


    4)    Electronic devices/phones can be disruptive in our classrooms. 

    ·        Equipment will be confiscated if in use in the building.

    ·        Bringing the items to school is at your own risk. 


    5)    Students are expected to model good behavior in the community.

    ·        Visiting other school campuses during school hours (or immediately before or after school) is not allowed.

    ·        Loitering in parks and business areas during school hours is discouraged.

    ·        Always represent our school with a polite, respectful and courteous attitude at all school and community events.