• Los Medanos College

    Ready to Enroll? You can begin below OR come see me to sign up! 

    • STEP 1: Start by making an OpenCCC account HERE THEN start a new Application (this is the LMC application)
    • STEP 2: Check for an email subjected: "Important Information Regarding Your Student Account" to access your college account (InSite).
    • STEP 3: In the email, you'll receive your student ID number and your username. The ID number is 7 digits long, and your username will be the first letter of your first name, your entire last name and the last 3 digits of your Student ID number. You will receive your registration date in this email as well. (You may not receive this email immediately, keep your eyes open for it).

    After You Apply to LMC Your Next Step Is to Complete the Orientation and the Guided Self-placement


    Please go to STEP 2 in the link above, and you will see the image above. 



    Designed for (graduating) high school students entering Los Medanos College Fall 2025. LHS College and Career Center will work with an LMC Counselor and schedule days for them to be here to assist you with Education Planning. These workshops will help you define your educational goal and select the courses that you will need to start your pathway to success. During your session, you will get answers to specific questions, and create an educational plan for your Fall 2025 semester. Please see the College and Career Center Coordinator during the Spring semester to sign up for a workshop.

    At the Education Planning Workshop you will: 

    • Develop a 1-2 semester Education Plan with specific courses based on your Major Degree or Certificate program and appropriate General Education pattern, if applicable
    • Learn about major requirements and General Education patterns such as IGETC, CSU GE, and Local Associate GE 
    • Have your math/ English courses evaluated and approved by a counselor
    • Place Counselor-recommended courses on your educational plan
    • Be able to ask questions and receive personalized answers and recommendations from a counselor
      • This is NOT where you register for classes, YOU must be mindful of YOUR registration date, found on your InSite Portal. 

    To make the most out of your education planning workshop:

    • You should have completed the Guided Self-Placement 
    • You should have also completed your Orientation
    • You should know how to use the InSite educational planning tool
    • Have any unofficial transcripts or AP scores available during the workshop to refer to, if applicable