• English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)
    The ELAC is a committee composed of EL parents. The state requires that each schoolwith more than 21 EL students must form an ELAC. The committee meets 3 times a year and advises the principal or his designee on matters that impact the EL program. Each meeting is advertised to all of the English Learner parents at a particular school. The state requires that certain information be discussed with the parents including attendance policies, graduation requirements, a description of the ELD program, and a variety of other topics that parents need to understand to help their student successful complete high school. It is the intent of the ELAC to be sure that parents are well informed and have input into the programs offered to their students. Since educational programs vary country to country, parents who may have moved to the United States need to be sure they understand how the educational system works in the United States.