• District Office Staff

    Eric Volta - Superintendent
    Dianna Pereira - Interim Executive Secretary to the Superintendent
    Denise Rugani - Associate Superintendent, Human Resources
    Michelle Snyder - Interim Administrative Secretary, Human Resources
    Jean Kindt - Classified Personnel Analyst
    Debbie Matteson - Certificated Personnel Analyst
    Steve McElhaney - Director, Transportation
    Liz Robbins - Chief Business Officer
    Krissy DeLima - District Secretary/Receptionist, Administration Office
    Janell Largent - Fiscal Coordinator
    Regina Hunt - Accounting Technician
    Danee Zamora - Payroll Technician
    Anna Mendoza - Accounts Payable Technician
    Paul Melloni - Director, Facilities
    Rosy Ayers - Supervisor, Food Services
    Erik Faulkner - Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services
    Kathy Fredenberg - District Secretary, Educational Services
    Todd Airola - Director, Technology
    Pablo Vega - Network Administrator
    Brian Moy - Network Coordinator
    CJ Behling - Lead Data Processing Technician
    Stacy Rivera - Data Processing Technician
    Pat Walsh - Director, Curriculum and Instruction
    Tony Shah - Assistant Superintendent, Administrative/Student Services
    Valerie Noble - District Secretary/Receptionist, Administrative/Student Services
    Jesse Gossett - District Diversity Coordinator
    Karen Cortez - Director of Special Services
    Tanya Starr - District Secretary, Special Services
    Megan Render - Special Education Coordinator
    Vanessa Rodrigue - Special Education Coordinator
    Diana Baker - Behavior Intervention Specialist
    Pete Cardinale - SARB Coordinator
    Eric Volta

    Prior to becoming Superintendent in 2011, Eric Volta has served the district since 2000 as an Assistant Principal, Principal, and Assistant Superintendent-Human Resources. Prior to coming to LUHSD, he taught, coached, and was an administrator in Santa Clara. Mr. Volta received his undergraduate degree at Stanford University and credentialing at San Jose State.

    Erik FaulknerErik Faulkner joined Liberty Union High School District in 2002. As Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, his responsibilities include the implementation of the new Common Core Standards, Curriculum & Instruction, Professional Development, Categorical Programs, and Federal/State/District assessment and accountability programs. In addition, he oversees the mentor and new teacher support programs (BTSA), and the English Learner (EL) program. The district's Technology Department is also under the umbrella of Educational Services.
    Liz Robbins
    Liz Robbins, Chief Business Officer, joined the Liberty Union High School District in November 2014. Her responsibilities include: budget development, supervision of Business Services, asset management, financial supervision of facility construction and maintenance, and supervision of Transportation and Food Services.
    Todd AirolaTodd Airola is the Technology Director for Liberty Union High School District. His primary responsibilities are to oversee the Technology Department and assist teachers with the integration of technology into the curriculum. Additional responsibilities include implementation of State and Federal technology programs.
    Paul MelloniPaul Melloni joined the Liberty Union High School District in 2014 as Director of Facilities. His responsibilities include modernization and new construction projects for the district. He monitors project development with architects, state and county agencies. He manages project construction through completion with contractors, the Department of State Architects, testing companies and inspection agencies.
    Pablo Vega Pablo Vega, the network administrator, has been with the district since April 2014. He plays a critical role in work order distribution and general network tasks.
    Steve McElhaneySteve McElhaney, Director of Transportation for Liberty Union High School District, also oversees the transportation operations for the Brentwood, Byron, and Oakley Elementary Districts as Director of the East Contra Costa Schools Transportation Consortium. Steve attended California State University, Hayward. He has been in his position since 1997 and has over 20 years of management experience with over 13 years in transportation.
    Debbie Matteson Debbie Matteson, Certificated Personnel Analyst for Certificated and Management staff,  is directly responsible to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. Debbie is responsible for maintaining accurate personnel records, medical benefits, certificated credentials and coordinating certificated interviews, new hires and LEA negotiation meetings. She has worked for the District since January 2000, and has worked in a school environment since 1987.
    Jean Kindt Jean Kindt is the Classified Personnel Analyst and is responsible for personnel records of classified staff, health and welfare benefits, workers comp, and CSEA union negotiation information. Jean coordinates the hiring process for Classified employees.
    Anna Mendoza Anna Mendoza, Accounts Payable Technician, is responsible for the processing of district purchases and payments to the selected vendors. Her bilingual skills provide an additional service when needed, to guests at the district office.
    Janell Largent - Fiscal Coordinator
    Kathy Fredenberg Kathy Fredenberg is the District Secretary to Erik Faulkner, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services. Kathy has been with the district since 2001, and has over 20 years experience in the educational environment.