• Aeries Parent/Student Portal Access

    It Aeries Parent Portal is a website that allows parents to view attendance, grades, and assignments (where applicable) for their child. 
    Liberty UHSD pre-populates Portal accounts for newly enrolled students and their students. In the case you would like to establish an account on your own, please use this support document to get started.

    The Aeries Mobile Portal App

    The Aeries Mobile Portal is a mobile app for Parents and Students to use to access Grade, Attendance, Contact, Demographic, and Aeries Communications information in a concise, mobile-friendly format. Parents, guardians, and students can use their preexisting Parent/Student accounts to gain access to their data. For those parents or students who do not already have accounts, the Aeries Mobile Portal will guide them through the account creation process. 
    The Aeries Mobile Portal Apps are available for iOS devices on the Apple App Store and Android phones on Google Play. For more on the Aeries mobile app, please visit Aeries's resources here.