Matthew Wirgler



Degrees and Certifications:

English Education ERWC

Matthew Wirgler

High School:

110HH, 21st in the state (CA)

- 300IH, 13th in the state (CA)

- Started writing and creating my own webcomic series

- Met future wife

- Designed and managed my own website



- Finished over 100 pages of my webcomic

- Recorded a full-length CD (Bass) with the band Table for One

- Wrote a 48,000 word novel (unpublished)

- Became a videogame journalist for two years

- Married (5 years as of 2018)



- Finished 1st year of teaching full-time

- Organized a pickup baseball team for two years

- Overwatch (Competitive Rank: Platinum - now Gold)

Home owner

- 300 subscribers on YouTube gaming channel

- Currently 40,000 words into my second novel

 - Invited to the Twitch affiliate program

- 300 followers on Twitch 

- First Twitch paycheck