Ms. Jeanette Ruddick



Degrees and Certifications:

BS Physics MA Teacher Leadership

Ms. Jeanette Ruddick

Hello! I am Ms. Ruddick. You pronounce my name r UH - d ih k.


This will be my 14h year at Liberty High School. I love teaching and working with teenagers. Check out my Work Experience to see my credentials, educational background, subjects taught, trainings attended, and clubs advised. 

I believe all students can learn, grow and succeed. Not all brains are the same, so education needs to be individualized and tailored to the student. Through my work, students will understand how their brain functions and how to be a self-advocate. To do that, I stress ‘Self Care’. This typically includes practicing mindfulness. Check out my Mindfulness tab to see what this all means. I also teach study habits and effective communication skills to empower students in their education. I am concerned with student’s life after high school, so I work with each student to identify their goals and post-secondary plans.

I advise the GSA and Bring Change 2 Mind clubs. Click their hyperlinks to be taken to their pages.


I live in Brentwood with my husband, two kids, cat and gold fish. Mr. Ruddick is a Captain at East Contra Costa Fire Protection District. My son, Will, is 9 and loves Minecraft, trains and Legos. My daughter, Emily, is 6 and loves Minecraft and Pokémon. We love to travel; we have a tow trailer to ‘Glamp’ in and passports for international travel. We love to eat; we are always up to try new cuisine and Mr. Ruddick is a great cook (one reason why I married him).


I love to learn. To do that, I travel and read. I enjoy attending lectures as well as plays and concerts. I enjoy most types of music; it depends on my mood. I just learned how to play the violin, and I play the piano. I am not good at either.

One of my goals on my bucket list is to “touch every major body of water”; so far, I have: Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Golf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea (Golf of Aqaba), North Sea, Baltic Sea, Irish Sea, and Corral Sea. I hope to add more soon.

I am an LGBTQIA+ ally and advocate. I believe Black Lives Matter. I am a feminist and believe all people should have respect and have equal opportunities. I always strive to be the best I can and create a supportive environment for my students. I am working to be antiracist and an ally to all. I am not perfect and appreciate empathetic and useful support.