Power of Place Video/ How India Became America/ Key Issue 1.4 Assigned 8/16 and 8/17

Part 1: Watch Power of Place "One Earth Many Scales"

Answer: 1. How do people shape places? How do places shape people? 2. Explain how landscapes vary among regions. 3. Why do astronauts learn about Geography?  4. Based on current world events that you have been following in the media, describe how local conflict is magified by globalization.  5. As noted by astronaut Mike Foale, people are not distributed evenly across the Earth.  Explain how this uneven population distribution leads to environmental degradation.


Part 2: Google and read: How India Became America in the New York Times then answer:

1. How does the title of the article itself describe the idea of globalization?

2. Describe in detail the different ways that the author claims that India is becoming more Americanized (this is spoken about throughout the entire article.)

3. Towards the end of the article, the author describes the Americanization of India as "... more complex... than it first appears." -describe his feelings.

4. Opinion Question: Based on the article and your own feelings, describe how globalization of culture (being exposed to defferent types of food, clothing, religions, languages, technology, dress, etc.) can be both positive and negative for individuals and their cultures.

Part 3: Define the rest of Chapter 1 vocab pg. 29-39.  Please give geographic examples too.


Part 3: I assigned outlining Key Issue 1.4 tonight too


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