• What is NHS?

    What is NHS?
    NHS is a service based organization meant to give high achieving students the opportunity to earn recognition and to get together in a club with other high achievers for a chance to help out with community service and to raise funds for scholarships.

    What do you do in the club?
    Members meet regularly to discuss any club items and events. Students help to raise
    money that can go to scholarships for club members. When possible, members also go on field trips to local Northern California colleges and universities.

    Why should you Join?
    Long term members get honor cords and special recognition at graduation for being in NHS. In addition, being a member looks great on your application for when you are applying to a college or university. If that wasn't enough, you might also receive a scholarship from the club to help pay for college.

    I want to join: am I qualified, and how do I sign up?
    Joining NHS requires you to have grades from at least one semester of high school. Thus, freshmen cannot apply to the club until the second semester of school. Also, you must re-apply every semester. It is not continuous membership.

    To join NHS you must have a 3.0 GPA for the semester for which you are applying.

    When you are ready to sign up, pick up an application either in the Career Center or from N18. Application deadlines are usually around August 30 and January 30 each year. If you are accepted into the club, we ask that you pay $5 in dues which pays for club expenses and scholarships.

    Membership is not retroactive. You are responsible for maintaining your membership and eligibility.