innocence project

Forensics: The Innocence Project

  • Recommended Resources

    Innocence Project Cases

    A list of all the Project's cases with links to informational pages on each case.

    National Registry of Exonerations

    A public database that records all exonerations in the United States since 1989

    Convicting the Innocent

    A public database with information on cases exonerated using DNA evidence

    Northwestern University Bluhm Legal Clinc Center On Wrongful Convictions

    Use the Search function in the upper right corner to search for resources on cases

     Database: US Newstream 

    US Newstream may have newspaper articles about your case. 

    For username/password information, ask your teacher or a library staff member.

    Research Tips

    When looking for information on typical sentending for a crime, try a Google search using keywords like "Statutory sentencing guidelines for (insert state)" 

    Try to focus mainly on .org or .gov sites, which tend to be more reliable than .com or .net sites.

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