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    1. When you submit an assignment please make sure you are submitting your work to the correct assginment title. Too many papers are lost because students upload their work to the wrong assignment.

    2. Work should be typed when uploading only exception will be if the assignment is a creative piece like a drawing.

    3. Look at your similarity report (the flag that tells a teacher whether your paper is too similar to another students or the text book) before submitting it. I am very strict about this! Your paper needs to be in your own words! I will not accept papers with a high percentage similarity report

    4. Writing answers word for word from the textbook/source IS COPYING. You will not get credit if you do not put all work in your own words.

    4. Do not type the questions, writting in reflective form is always recommended but by copying the questions it raises your similarity report. 

          Reflective form example: If you the question asks "What is your favorite sports team?" You would simply start your answer with " My favorite sports team is....."


    Turnitin codes:

    • Period 1 ID: 25506658       Enrollment Key: Darling1
    • Period 2 ID: 25506668       Enrollment Key: Darling2
    • Period 3 ID: 25506681       Enrollment Key: Darling3
    • Period 4 ID: 25506689       Enrollment Key: Darling4
    • Period 5 ID: 25506694       Enrollment Key: Darling5
    • Period 6 ID: 25506710       Enrollment Key: Darling6
    • Period 7 ID: 25506719       Enrollment Key: Darling7
    • Period 8 ID: 25506724       Enrollment Key: Darling8